What I’ve been reading….

So  what have I  read lately?  Well let me  tell  you!  First  we have   The  soldiers  scoundrel  by  Cat  Sebastian.  Now this is  the  first  M/M regency  romance I have read  and  that being  so  I  found  it  to be good. However in  other  aspects  I  found it  to be lacking.  I needed more  sex  ( I always  do)  and  less  “struggle”  which  actually made  me  feel like   like  both men were not  struggling  with  their  feelings  for  each other  but  actually hated  each other at  times. The love  scenes  while  hot  could have  been  more.I needed more  dirty  talk!  Jack   had it  going for a  while… Oliver  was  too timid  at times and  that just  didn’t  do it for me.  While in the  end  Jack’s  sister  gave her blessing  as  did  Oliver’s  which  I mean  for  that  time? Hello!  that just made  my heart  happy!

At  $1.99  on  amazon  it  was well worth  the  read

So my  next  two  books are  By  Sabrina  Jefferies   The Danger of  desire  which will be  released on   November  22nd   and I  was lucky enough  to  get  an advanced  copy . This is  the  third  book in   the  sinful suitor  series , and  the  first  book  I’ve  read in the  series  (I  bought  the  others!)    Warren Cory  Marquess of  Knightford   has  made it  his mission to  protect  Miss Delia  Trevor.  from  roaming  the   gaming  hells .   Delia  is on  mission to  find  the lord with  the  sun  tattoo who  drove her  brother  to suicide  causing her  and her  family to lose  everything.

This  book was  so  my  catnip!  Warren  was a  wicked  delight  from  start to  finish  the  tension between the  characters  was  wonderful  and  even the little bit of  mystery  was  good and  worked for me.   It  was a  sexy  romp  from  start to  finish and I  sad to  see it end . Delia  was  a  very  good  heroine  she  was  without being  an  alpha   but  yet  she  was soft  enough that it  balanced out.  I loved  that  she  dressed like a   boy  to  go to the  gaming hells  but  Warren  knew  she  was woman  right away, and made a  bit of  sport of out  of  tormenting her.


Next  is  The  Heiress and  the  Hothead    This  one is  going  for  $1.99   and  comes our  on  November  28th.   Let  me say this  first  The  title… I  meh  on.  I mean  its okay  but  what  sold me  was  the  blurb  and   the  author.

This  was also  an  advance  copy  so  with out   giving  too much  away here  it  goes.

Our  Heroine  owns a  mill and is  an  american (oh yes  mmy  friends  a lady mill owner!) and our  hero  writes  stories  exposing  the  mills  for  how  awful they are.  Our  hero mistakes   the  lady  for someone  else  and kisses  her and    sparks  fly!   Seriously  these  two  argue like  champs but it  works  for  and  our  Heroine  is  an  alpha  which normally  does not  work for me. But  this  time it  did, she  was a  strong  enough  force  in her  own  right  that it  did not over shadow  the  Hero.  While  the  book was  delightful  and  the  arguments  were  well placed  and  not  over  the top or  annoying like  they  can be, here is  what I didn’t  like.

The  book was short.  Yes it  was a novella but  it was  good  and  I  want  good  books to last  and keep  going on. secondly   the  sex   scene  ( there was  also not  enough  sex  for me)    was oddly placed, timed  and   just  all around   wtf  are  you  two thinking.  I  couldn’t  get into it and  really, I  wanted no part of it and  was  happy  that it  ended   quickly.

Overall  I  enjoyed it and for   $1.99 it’s  worth  the  quick  read.


I hope  you enjoyed  my  first  post!   I look forward to  reading  any  comments  you might have .  Happy reading!


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