Do you want to start a scandal …..Oh you bet I do!


From the first page I fell in love with these two. Thinking on it Rafe had told Charlotte that nothing with Peirs was a confidence making me wonder if he knew she was following him into the library that night (because of course he did) and now I have this whole thing going on in my head that he might have seen her across the room and it was love at first . Anyway This book was very good but I have to say not as good as the other books in the series but I still enjoyed it. I liked the bit of mystery and I even had my list of suspects for the mysterious “tuppers” They were in fact not who I thought ( okay the one was on my list) What I loved about the book was how stubborn Charlotte was, I do not often take to the heroines as I did with her but I loved her, and found myself cheering for her and my heartbreaking for her. Peirs on the other hand was Delicious from the first encounter, I will admit he had a huge D-bag moment and that still bugs me. I understand why he did it but still ! Over all this was everything I expected from this particular author romantic, steamy and funny hitting all the right catnip like spots for me….. Also Poor Edmund 😉



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