Why I read Romance Novels and why we need them.

I know  we are often asked  and   sometimes  we  ask ourselves   “why do  we  read  romance novels?”  What  is  the  draw? or  so  great  about them?  They can sometimes be  silly, heart  warming or  even  heart  breaking,  yet  we  still  read them.

I  read  Romance novels  because it  gives me hope, that  it’s is real.  Let me  explain….

When  I  say  real,  I mean  the  fact  that no  matter  how  damaged  you  perceive  yourself  to be or  how  closed off from the  world  you might be  there is  someone for  you, that  you are not  broken or too damaged  to be loved. And  sometimes I think we  all need  to be  reminded  of this  from time  to  time  and  these novels  do  that.  At least  they do  for me,  not  only   are  they  the  escapes  I need  on bad  days  ( who  doesn’t  want  to be  seduced  by a  Duke?)  But  they  give  that little  glimmer  of  hope  that   even though  you   can  be  so shy, or  awkward   or    broken  you  will get  a  happy  ending . you  happy ending  will find  you  eventually.

The  other  appeal  for me  is, that  a  well written  romance  novel  can  make  you  fall in love. When I  finish a  book   I  want  two things  out of it   I  want  to  feel   emotionally  satisfied  and  yes   in a  way,  if  it’s  an  erotic  romance  I  want  to  feel  it  sexually.  Let  me  explain  that part  better, I  sometimes  put  myself in the  characters  shoes   when I  am  reading a  really  good  book.  and  if  it’s promised  really  good  sex  then  the  book had  better  deliver,  just like  if  it’s a  happily  ever  after  then  it  better  be  waiting  at  the  end.   There are  the  sweet  books  like  that  leaving  you  feeling just plain  happy  and those are  good as well.

Romance novels  for me are,  just  as  therapeutic  as my knitting or  stitching.  Plus  the  added bonus of   connecting with  the  characters   I  can  always  visit  the  Bridgertons  or  go  back  to  Spindle  Cove and in  a  way know  everything  will be  alright  or  take  comfort in  things  have will never  change  or  they  will never  change.

And  sometimes in  a  world like ours  we  need  that.  We  need  Romance  novels.


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