Someone to watch over me By Lisa Kleypas.

This was the first I’ve ever picked up a Lisa Kleypas novel and I liked it. Now did I love it ? no. But it was good and worth the $1.99 I picked it up for. <br><br>So The book is about a bow street runner who basically gets blown off (hehe) by a well sought after courtesan only to find her washed up on the docks years later, because someone tried to murder her. He takes her home, because of course he does. And it turns out she has no memory of who she is, what she is or who he is. Naturally being a vengeful jerk he seeks to take advantage of this. Now I bought this book because I liked this idea so I am not knocking just stating a fact that Grant as brooding and alpha like as he was, was at times a complete jerk. <br><br>So as the story progressed there was a major turn and twist which I loved because I wanted both characters to be happy, even thought I thought “Vivien” came off as whiny and clingy especially after she got her memory back. And she needed a good shake to snap her out of it, she was a very weak female character in my view and that not only became annoying but started to turn me off the book.<br><br>So the end leaves us with the hero and Heroine living happily ever after, she’s now pregnant and they end up taking in a another woman’s baby…. This was just a turn off for me. Grant did not come off as the kind of man who would take in someone eases child let alone one he did, it just felt wrong and awkward and ruined the ending for me.<br><br> Over all the story started off really good and had potential but failed to deliver in the middle and at the end.
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