Surrender to sin By Nicola Davidson

I was given a copy of this for a fair and honest review. And My review may contain Spoilers……

This is an erotic historical. Which when I found that out I was like OOOh! so The idea of this book is basically this The heroine was married to once before to a guy who kept her locked in the country and didn’t really enjoy sex, who when he dies (much to her happiness) she is told after her mourning period she can either re-marry of basically do whatever. Well that is a lie because her father and setpmother basically sell her this lord who is not only a prude but a complete self righteous asshole. So like any girl would she runs off to London’s most notorious sex and its owner, and asks the sexy bastard to ruin her. ( are you still following this? okay good.)

As it goes on our Hero naturally is attracted to the Heroine, which makes him all in for this plan. plus he hates the guy she is being forced to marry. So it’s a win win for him.

Now what I didn’t like and couldn’t wrap my head around. She is a widow who never had sexual experience, and has been locked away country for most of her life however she firstly gives our a BJ (okay, I can go with it) but then remember she has confessed to never doing anything freaky, she later confesses to him about a lesbian experience in finishing school, that she would like to explore more of now that she is older…..Okay then?

The sex scenes were extremely well written, and I enjoyed the Hero. I found him likable, interesting and very naughty (okay and yummy) I like the idea of Fallen, the harem seemed like a fun bunch of girls that I wished was explored more. The other two owners who made an appearance in the book were interesting as well.

The heroine however or “Lady C” as her maid called ( really what maid calls their mistress that?) was whiny boring and dull. I could have honestly done without her. There were also a few times the book swayed into modern terms that made it feel more contemporary than set in Victorian England.

All in all the book was good. the sex scenes and the hero redeemed the book. and I would say if you like erotic novels especially historical ones,  and  for  $3.99  its worth a read.


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