The Game and The Governess By Kate Nobel….. sadly I did not enjoy the Game….


I really liked the idea of this book. which is why I bought it. But then I started reading it and became disappointed, then frustrated and then angry. I feel like in a way this turned into a hate read for me.So the basics is Lucky Ned the earl of Ashby has always been lucky, you name it and lucky has been his friend in it, be it war,women, cards or money. His best friend and secretary however John Turner not so lucky. Anyway cocky Ned wagers with John that even if they switch places Luck will follow him no matter what. So the game begins. and they switch. John becomes the earl and Ned becomes the secretary. The catch to this little wager is Ned must make a woman fall in love with him or at least produce three inanimate articles given freely from a lady.Now all that sounds interesting right? and it would have been if Ned wasn’t an ass for most of the book, and then later John becomes a bigger ass honestly I wanted to shake these two… okay I wanted to smack them upside their heads with a heavy object.Now for our heroine Phoebe Baker is the governess to family in the town where Lucky Ned grew up in and this just happens to be where Ned and John are pulling their little switch. However unlucky for Ned or should I say John Phoebe hates the Earl because of him she lost her family, her fortune and basically her life. The thing that got me is both men became so unlikable through out the book that it was hard to like them when they each turned a corner at the end. Phoebe was strong character and also one I felt bad for, because each of these men took a turn in basically treating her like crap at one point or other. Then there were the lesser characters in which the book switched to at times. These were women were basically scheming on how to get the Earl’s attention. I didn’t see the point of any of this. Like I said the idea of the book was Brilliant and catchy however making both men totally unlikable continuously did not work for me in the end.

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