Review of Waiting for an Earl Like you By Alexandra Hawkins

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for a fair and honest review.

So basically the book is about a girl and her twin neighbors. Olivia is the daughter of a Baron and Thorn is an Earl while is Brother Gideon is the second son. Thorn gets it in his head that Olivia is in love with Gideon and decides to put a stop to it by playing what the twins consider “their favorite game.” which at first I liked the idea of the twins switching places or at least Thorn pretending to be Gideon. Because it’s hot. but the way they acted at times made it seem wrong and made them both look like jerks.

So as the story progresses Thorn starts to fall in love with Olivia. to the point he compromises her in her carriage and they end up “engaged” I am using that term loosely because He father, who must the most liberal father in all of England at this time is all like “you’ve compromise my daughter? well a fake engagement for you until the end of the season then you can cry off” I’m paraphrasing but that is seriously how it comes it off. I had to read it twice to make sure I understood him. Thorn agrees but he decides that the engagement will not end when the time comes, Olivia on the hand…..

Okay let me pause here to say Olivia was the worst heroine she was whiny and air headed and reminded me Scarlet O’Hara the way she threw her fits.

Now back to what I was saying, Olivia on the the other hand is all for ending the engagement when the time comes, so much so she has sex with Thorn during a midnight picnic…..

Now for a confusing part ( are you ready?) Olivia’s father is courting a countess who dislikes Olivia’s which is important because in the end Olivia’s friend Mr. Chauncey . Who turns out to be world class psycho is in reality The countesses stepson/lover who was supposed to marry Olivia because his stepmother/lover thought this was a good idea. So she could basically steal from the baron. The  countess has Chauncey  kidnap  Olivia  and   hold her  hostage  in  what is  basically  a  sex  club  ( oh yes,  I  perked up  at  that )  However   there are  things  that  could be  triggers  for  some  at this  point.  Chauncey   drugged Olivia  when he kidnapped  and  basically  bragged  that it’s  hobby to  mix  up  stuff  to  drug people  ( I  got  mainly  women  from  that)  and he   basically  tries  to  rape her,  tells her  he  going to  sell her  to club  members  to  use  in any  way   they want so  he  could  recoup  the  dowry  that  he  would have  gotten   if had married her.

The lesser characters where too much apart of the story for my liking and distracted at times from what I felt should be more important things Like Thorn being naughty!

I will however give the book this The love scenes were good, there could have been more. Thorn when given free rein was just the right bit of naughty and dirty that made me want to stay with book. However like I said I could have used more of that.

The  ending  was  sweet, and of  course    ended in a happily  ever  after  for  both  characters  who  realized  they loved  each other all along


Over  all  this  book   reminded me of  an  old school  romance  novel.  ( I  forgot  to mention  how  annoying it  was   that  Olivia  was  almost  constantly  referred to her  by  her last name)    that  I  started out  reading  long  ago. and  that in itself   made me like it,  but  I  feel  like  the  if  the mischief  of   switch places   between  the   twins  would have   been  focused on more  than     drifting off to  the   secondary  characters  I  would have  given  it  a  higher  review .  But  if  you  love  twins  (yes,  please! ) and   ones  who like to   swtich  places  (yes!)  and  that  old  school  feel  then  this  book is  for  you.


And lets not  forget  this   cover!    If  you  are  interested in  giving it a  read  you  can pre-order it  from  Amazon   Because  what  better  way  to kick off  the new  year  than  waking up  to   new  books?

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