With  the   Year  rapidly coming  to   a  close  it’s only  natural  we  look  toward a   bright  and  shiny new  year….. and  new  books !  I have  five on  pre-order   as of  right now.  and  I   cannot  wait!  So  here is  what   is on my    pre- order list

 Four  Weddings  and  a  Sixpence    is  going  to be  a  collection  of  stories  that  surrounds a  sixpence  a  group  of  four   friends  find  in  their  bedchamber  at  school. Each  story is  written  by  four   different   authors   …. Julia  Quinn and  Elizabeth  Boyle  are are my  absolute  favorites  and   are my ” I  never  hesitate  to  buy ”  list.  while    the  other  two  are  going  to be new  to me  authors   yay!  This  Drops  December 27th   just in  time  for  some  NYE  reading!


Coming out January 31,2017  Eloisa  James  Seven  minuets in  Heaven   Immediately  my  mind  when  to  the  game  and   from  the  blurb  posted  on  amazon  The  Hero  seems  very  Alpha  like  and AND   He  apparently  kidnaps  the  heroine.  I  didn’t   give  this a  second  thought before I  order it!

The  new  Elizabeth  Boyle   novel   is  coming out  this May   and  it’s  called   Six  Impossible  Things .  LOOK AT  THE COVER!!!   sorry about  that  but  seriously!  It  has me  making  all kinds  of  good  book  noises  and  I haven’t   read it  yet!  This  comes out  April  25,2017

The  next  two  books are  coming out  June  30,2017  The  first book  When  to  Engage  an  Earl    is  by  a   new  to me  author.  Apparently  the  book  is  about  a   woman  who  goes  to live in a   spinster  house…. let me  repeat  that  Spinster House     that  naturally  has a  cat   ( mother  of  cats  unite!)   And  there  is  Earl  who has been  Jilted.  To  me  this  book  screams  all kinds  of   good things!

Th  next  book coming out  the  same  day  is  by  Julia  Quinn   The  Girl  with  the Make- Believe   Husband.  While  she is  my  favorite  writer   I have  to  admit  I hate  this  cover.  It  does  nothing  for me.    But!   the  title !  omg   made up  husband?  yes please!     Because  we  all know  how  well that  worked   for  Madeline   in  When  the  Scot  Ties  the  knot  by  Tessa  Dare   (maybe  I  should  make  up  a  husband….. )  But  in  reality   from  what  the  blurb  tells  us, our  heroine  in  the   new  Quinn  book  technically  isn’t making  up  her  husband,  he’s  just in  coma and  to  take  care of  him  she  pretends  to be his  wife.  Still!

Lastly on  my  Pre-order  list   is   The Pleasure of  Passion   by  Sabrina  Jefferies.  I  was  fortune enough  to  get  an  ARC  for The    Danger of  Desire  earlier this  year  and  when I  saw  this   book  I  didn’t  hesitate   to  order it. This  book  has  Promise  as   these  character  made  an  appearance in   The  Danger of  Desire  and  the  tension between!   The  entire  book  had me  screaming  GIVE ME  MORE!  and   I’m  getting  it! I’ll  just have  to  wait  until  June 30,2017  for it.

That’s  it  all  the  books  on my  pre-order list  so   far  for  2017  and  if  you  ask me  it’s  going   to be a good  year   with  all these  books  coming out!  Oh  and  you know  how  I love  I  good  cover?   Look  at  this !   It  honestly  takes  a  good  blurb  and   great   cover  to  sucker  me in…. Okay  a  shirtless  hunk   helps  is   what  I’m  really  saying.  I’m  just  going  to  leave this  smoldering hunk of man  meat  here  for  your  viewing pleasure.

What  about  you  all?   what’s   on  your   list  to  read   for  2017?  what  releases  are  you looking  forward  to?




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