A gift From Tessa Dare…. A review and slight spoiler Beware!

In case  you  missed it  this  week  Tessa  Dare  released   a  bonus  epilogue  from  When  the  Scot  ties  the knot.  If  you  haven’t  read  When the   Scot  ties  the  knot  Do  it!  I  promise   if  you  love   not  so made  up  husbands   you  will  love  this  book   and  it has  men in  kilts ,  need I  say more?

I’m just  going  to leave  this  right  here…..

Now  for  the  Bonus  Epilogue   which is  in  three parts  and    can be  found   for  free on her   website !   If  you have  read  the   for  mentioned  book   then  you  will be  as  excited  as  I  was  to   see  Maddie  and   Logan  again  not only  that  but  we meet  their   adorable   bug  eating   child.   The  entire  epilogue  follows  Rabbie  who  about  to be  married  and is having  doubts  and a  case of  jitters. We  check in   with  old  friends  along   the  way  to   seeing  if  the  wedding  is  going  to happen.  Maddie and   Logan  of  course   which  at  the  end  of  the  Epilogue  had making me  good  book  noises. If  you have  read   Say  yes  to  the  Marquess  by  Tessa  dare   it’s  like  cake   noises  except  for me  it’s   good  book noises.  Anyway   the  ending   with  those  two  hit  all the  right  spots.

Who  I  was most  excited  to  see  was  Aunt  Thea  and   Munro!  I   was  seriously  so happy!  to  see  them  together!   And  then  we  have   Grant  and  Becky,  Here  where I  have my  problem  with  this  Epilogue   I NEED  THEM TO  HAVE  A  BOOK!   ahem   sorry about  that.   As  we know  Grant has a  memory  problem  because of  the  war   but   he  is  attracted to  Beck and  she  to him.  she kisses him and  confesses  she loves him   saying  he   wont  remember  and  that  it’s okay  for her  to  say  this  because of it, But  Grant  confesses  that  he  remembers  kissing her   nine  times before   because  anything  good  that happens  to  him    he  writes  down  so  he  will remember!    I am  telling  you  all  I need  this  to be  book  or  I   need  a  novella.  Just  something!   I mean  what  else has  he  written  down?  What  did  they  do in the pantry???  I need to know  these  things,  you  can’t   write  something  like  that  and  then  walk  away!

All and  all  (minus  my not  knowing  what   happened in the pantry)  the  Epilogue  was  sweet  and   left me  feeling  happy.  If  you love  anything  by  this  Author  then  you  will love  this.

Also   speaking  of  Tessa  Dare  I  was  browsing  amazon  for  books  and   look  what  I  found!   it’s  called The Duchess Deal (Castles Ever After)    I have no idea what it’s  about   though  I can  guess….and  you know  how much I love  Dukes!   and   it  wont be  out  until August  of  next  year  but  that  did not   stop  me  from   squeeing  and    hitting  pre-order!

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