Only for night by Naima Simone

I  saw   an  excerpt of this  book  re-tweeted by  the  publisher   and  just by that  I knew  I had  to have this  book.

Rion  is a  former  member  of  the  Irish  mafia    and now  co-owner of  a  sex  club,  His  former  friend   Harper  who just happened  to be  someone he was secretly   in love with comes into  his  club looking  for  sex,  dirty  nasty  sex. But  she  doesn’t just  want  anyone  she  wants  Rion   to  give it  to her.  Harper  made the mistake of marrying the king of  assholes  years  ago  after of  course  Rion   rejected her, but now  she is  widowed and looking  to  experience  things  that she  couldn’t  while  married.  Rion  agrees  but   she  can only have him  for one  night.

This  book was  good  from the start  the  tension  and  sex  scenes  (and  dirty  talk) where  what I like  to  read  when I pick up  an  erotic   novel.  Now  keeping in mind  this   only  120 pages,  while I  feel the  parts  with  Harper’s  family could have been  cut  to make  more  room  Harper & Rion   getting   dirty  ( I mean it’s  a  sex  club  there where  other  rooms I needed to know about!)   it  did   take a lovely  shot  at  the  feels   zone   and   left me  satisfied  with  the  ending .

You all know  how I love a  good cover and look  at this one!   Overall  for  $0.99  it’s  worth it.  you  can use  the link  below  to  pick it  from  amazon.


Only For A Night (The Lick Series)

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