Review of Ready Set Rogue By Manda Collins

I  was  given  the  ARC  for  Ready  set  Rogue   by  the  publisher    This  author is  a  New  to me  Author  and  I  was   impressed!   I liked  the mystery  that   came  with  the  book  as  well.

Ready  set  Rogue  is  about  four  bluestockings  who  come  from  different  backgrounds,  each  girl is   versed in  something  Math, langues,  one  is even a  fossil hunter!   The  ladies are  willed a  house  by  the late  Lady Celeste   the house   is  filled  with all the  things   a bluestocking  could  want  including  an  enormous  library  filled  to  the hilt!  However  on  the  way  to  her  new  home  Ivy  Wareham  runs into  her  benefactresses  nephew  Quill    Beauchamp, Marquess of Kerr.  How  great is  that name?!     Quill is none  too pleased  to  find out  that his  aunt has  left  the  house  to   four ladies who  he  feels  are  swindlers  and  basically  calls  Ivy  that  during  their  first  meeting.Once  they  reached  the  house  known as Beauchamp House  Quill   and  Ivy  soon  learn  that   Lady  Celeste  may have  murdered  and  soon  embark  on  the  hunt  to  find her killer. Ivy  and  Quill  get  caught  in  the  rain   during  their   investigations  and  passions  ensure……

So  here is  what  this  book has  done  right.  The  mystery  of  Lady  Celeste’s  murder  was   interesting, The  murderer  was not  who I thought  it  was  nor  was  the  reason  for  her murder  what I thought   it  would be… I  may have  had  four  suspects  at  one  point  then  came  back to the one  who  was not  the murder…. But  what a  twist!    Ivy   was  a wonderfully  strong  heroine  even though  I  am not a  fan of  super  strong  heroines   because  they never  come off  likable however  with Ivy  she   was  able  to be  strong  and  still like able.   Quill  was   good  hero  but  not  as  Rakish  as  I  would  have liked  him  to be.  His  cousin  Dalton  however….

That  brings me  to this   The  secondary   Characters, who  played   major  parts in this  book which of  course  sets  them up  for    their  own  books.    Now, yes  it  was  at times a little  distracting  BUT    Lady Daphne  and   Quill’s  cousin  Dalton  who is  a  Duke!  ( you know my love  of  Dukes)     really caught my  notice.  Daphne apparently  has  no  filter  and  says whatever  the  hell she  wants  no   matter  what…. I loved her!   She  really  stole  every  scene  she  was in    and  Dalton   was  just  the  perfect  bit of   naughty and  so  very   full of himself   that it  had me  wanting, no  needing  their  story.  Which conveniently  will be  released  this  coming year and  entitled   are  you ready?  A  Duke  with  Benefits!!

Now back  to   Ready  set  Rogue  lastly  what  was  done  right  was  the love  scenes  they  hot  and   just  perfect  for this  book.

Now  what  was  done  wrong.  The  book was  a  wee bit longer than  what  I thought it  should be.It also  was a slow  burn  for me  and  I  feel  what  caused  it  was  Quill was not  rakish  enough  ( ahem  Dalton)    where  it was  given  to others.  But he  did  make  amends    towards  the  end.  Ivy  was  given  a  note   where Lady Celeste    had  told her  she  thought  someone  was  trying to  kill her, and  asked  Ivy  to  find  the person  with Quills  help,  matchmaker  from beyond  the  grave ? I loved it!  However !  She  gave  Ivy  gift  and  in case I missed  we  never  found  out  what  is  was!  Now  unless  there is  some hot    lovin  in  that  library  which  there  wasn’t, you  cannot  write  that  there was  gift  and not  tell  me  what it  was!

Overall  Ready Set Rogue: A Studies in Scandal Novel  is a  good   start  to  the  series  and  recommend  giving it a  read,  after  that  you  will  definitely  want  to  pre-order Duke with Benefits (Studies in Scandal)  because it’s  going  to  be  amazing .  I  will add  that I  was  very  impressed  with  author  that  I  checked to  see  what  other  books  she had  written,  apparently a bit of  mystery  runs  through  most of her novels  and  she has  series  called  Lords  of  Anarchy  which   looks  good  and  landed  on my  TBR list. The covers for her books are pretty  and  very  eye catching and I do love a good cover!.  I  picked up The  perks of being a  beauty   which is  part of her  ugly  duck  series  to  start  off  with.


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