The Kissing Bough

The Kissing  Bough  By  Madelynne  Ellis  was  at  the  time  when I   picked it  free on  amazon  Now  it’s  $2.99.


This is  a Regency  Menage  which  when I  saw  that  I  was   like   ‘I am so  here  for this’  Basically  the  story  revolves around  Viola  who  was  ruined  during her  debut  but  really she  might have been  some what  assaulted  honestly  it’s not  really  clear  but it  came off to me  that  way  and it maybe a  trigger for  some.  Anyway  she  encounters  Percy  Gilling   and  Lord  William Ricborough  who are  cousins  not only  that  they are  also lovers  looking  for  the  perfect  woman  to  share, enter  Viola.  Now  all this  time  Viola’s  family treats her  like  garbage  (another  possible   trigger for some)  allowing her to leave  the nursery ( you  read  that  right)   once a  year  for  the  Christmas  party and  to  run about  the  village in  which she  goes and  stands under  the   kissing  bough  acting  desperate  for  attention, which was  uncomfortable  to  read, just  why? Which poses the next  question  why is  still in  the nursery?   Fast  forward  to  our  hero’s  seeing her   and  Percy  starts  to have  naughty  thought  that involve   her  legs  wrapped  around  him  and   him  sucking her  chin….. why..who  sucks  someones  chin??  am I   wrong?  that is just  not  sexy.  There is  also  the  talk of  lady parts  now  if  you   know me  and  follow me  any where on  social  media  I  instantly  perk up  at  the mention  of  something  dirty,  erotic,or  a  hero  talking  and or  being  dirty/naughty   in  any way  shape or  form.  that being  said  using  the  quim  to  describe  lady parts  while   it might  be  dirty  in  that  time  period  does not  do  anything  for me.   I  had to  google it.   The  sex scene  was  good,  but  so  much  took away  from it  that   I  just  didn’t  get  the    excitement   I   was hoping  for, Percy  basically  gives her  an  ultimatum  “come  bang us  or  forget about  it ”  which  he  was  basically  telling her.   Really?   Then  she  has  to  sneak out  of  the  nursery ( why the hell is  she in  there??)    and  out a  window in  the  cold and  snow  and  scale  twelve  ledges    to  reach  them…… I  feel  like  they had  better have  had  magic  cocks  for  me to  do  that.  I  mean  I am not  sure   what   these magic  cocks   would  imply  or  do  precisely  all  I know is  that  if I am  in my  nightie  in  the cold and  snow  scaling  ledges  to  come have  sex with you  and  your  cousin  it better  be  worth it  and  you better  go out  in  that  storm and bring  me  Starbucks  afterwards….

Over  all  I  am  glad  the  book was  free.  I  recommend  waiting  for it  to  drop  back  down  to  free or  even  $0.99 cents  if you want  to  give it  a  read.

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