Four Weddings and a Sixpence Review

Four  Weddings and  a  Sixpence  is  basically a  book of  four  novellas  by  Julia  Quinn, Elizabeth Boyle,Laura Lee Guhrke and Stefanie Sloane.   Now  Juliand   Quinn Elizabeth  Boyle  are my  go to  authors   which  to me means  whenever  I see   they have a  book  coming  out  I  run  to  buy/pre-order it  ( they are  the  reasons  I  bought  this  book)   Laura Lee Guhrke and Stefanie Sloane are  two  new  to me  authors.

The  entire  book  revolves  around  a  sixpence  that  four   friends   Anne, Ellie,Bea  and  Cordelia  find  in a  mattress  when  they are in school together,  thinking it  is lucky  and  will  lead  them  to  their   future  husbands  they make a  pact  to  pass it on   after  each  girl  finds  their   true love.

The  first  story  Something  New.  Finds  Anne  who  is  the  first  to have  the  sixpence   meeting  the  Duke of  Dorset  who has a  scandalous  reputation,  yet he  and Anne  somehow become  friends  and he  agrees  to help her  find a  husband.  I  found  Anne to be  childish and  unlikable.  out  of  all four  this  story  was not my  favorite   and  ended up  lacking.

The  Next  story  was  Something  Borrowed  which if  you  are  a  fan  of  friends  to lovers   then  this  story  will catch  your  attention.  Cordelia and Kipp otherwise known as  The  Earl of  Thornton made  for  a   sweet  story, I  especially  loved   how  he  drew  her when  she  was  sleeping.   If  you  follow me  on  Tumblr   I posted  two of my  favorite  parts  from that  story.

Something  Blue  was  third  story. and  I had  to  say    I loved it  and  I hated it. I loved it in  the  Hero  was funny, and  alpha  and  just  yummy.    Hated because  of  the conflict  with  Ellie’s  father   just  seemed  not  right,  I  can’t  explain  what it  was  really but  threw me off  the  story  when I just  wanted  to  stay  with Ellie  and Lawrence.  Because  every  interaction  with  them  was  just  perfect  and  everything   a  novella  should be.

Lastly   was   And  a  Sixpence in her  shoe. Here  is  all you need to know  about  this  story …. Hero  with  an  eye patch.  You’re  welcome!

Seriously though  I  loved this one, Lord  Fredrick   was  a  great hero… did  I mention he  had  an  eye patch. And  Bea our  heroine  was wonderful  her reluctance  to  get  married  then  she  actually  kept  the  sixpence in her  shoe  for a  time. And  how  they  both  just  fell in love  with each other  it  just  seemed so  right.

Overall  This  book  like I  said  is  a  collection  of  novellas  which means  they move  fast.While  the  build  is  there   and  the  romance is   there, like  all  novellas  that  are  good  it  will  sadly leave  you  wanting  more. Over all Four Weddings and a Sixpence: An Anthology  is  well worth  the  read and  will leave  you  with  that  HEA  feeling .

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