Luck is No Lady and I wouldn’t be either for a hero like him!

    I  recently  finished Luck Is No Lady (Fallen Ladies Book 1) by Amy Sandas,  Sandas  is  a new- to me  author and  I  was  surprisingly  delighted.  Emma Chadwick  shoulders  the  burden of her  father’s  debt, he was  a gambler and a bad one he  was also  deeply in  debt to a moneylender. Emma  does  everything  she  can to protect her sisters  from  any  gossip  that   might  effect their  chances  for  a good match, even when she has  to find  employment to  support her  sisters and  try  to pay back  the  debt left  by her  father. Emma  ends up taking a  job  in  a  gaming  house  run  by  Roderick Bentley  the  bastard son of  an  earl.  Roderick  is  not only  wealthy but  seriously  sexy, they have  their  first meeting  while  Emma is trying to  hide from a Lord  who  gets  a little  too grabby with  younger ladies.  Naturally  Emma  is  hired  by  Roderick because  she  is not only smart but he is naturally  attracted to her.  Now  the  reason  Roderick needs a  new book keeper is because  his old one  ran off with  some money, and his  books  were a mess.   The money lender who  was  after  Emma and her  sister  is  where I had  a problem, it  not only  took away  from the  story in that he  had  his own  unclear  story, he had a  daughter (I think)  with a prostitute and  that  was  reason he  kept  pressing  Emma  to  repay  the  debt.  Emma  of  course    decides  the only  way to  do that is  to   gamble  and she is very  good  at it  to the point  she  wins more than  enough  money to  repay  the loan and keep her sisters  going  for  the rest of  the  season.    However she  doesn’t repay it in time causing one of her sister  to be  kidnapped and  sold  at  brothel  auction  ( I am  all here  for that!).

Over  all  I  enjoyed this book and will be  picking up  another one  from this  author. I  gave it   five  stars on  goodreads  because  and  I know  I forgot  to mention  this, sexy  times on a  card table  and  behind a  curtain  in the library.  You are welcome.  The only  draw backs to this  book that I  can really think of is   the  moneylenders  ‘story’  which I  honestly didn’t  care  about.  Emma  was  well written  and anyone who has a  strong  sense of  family and knows  what  it’s like to shoulder  all the  family  drama will connect  with her  ahem.  Lastly, hello  sexy  cover!  Now I  don’t  gamble  but  I might be persuaded  to  if   all card  games  end like this.

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