Stud For Hire…I would not Hire them.

I  bought  Stud  for  Hire by  Sabrina York   because  the cover  was sexy  as  hell and  the   blurb  was  just  yummy. However I  found  this book to be  not only be lacking  but  just  plain  awful. So  the  basics  of this  book  is  Hanna’s sister  takes her  and  a bunch of  friends to   ranch  which on  weekends  turns into a  stripper/raunchy  sex land because his  cowboys  or  cowpokes?  are  really male  models and  strippers   who  according  to our  hero  wear  body glitter and  talk  about  protein. I  was like okay…  and of  course   these are  gigolos.  Now  Logan is  a  somewhat  decent  guy   and  he knew Hanna  from highschool, and  was  in love with her. apparently  the  hero,herione and  villian are  all connected   because  they are  from the  same  small town and went to school together Logan is  still in love  with her, and  of course  she  doesn’t  remember him and thinks  he’s a  gigolo  and  hires  him. In  all honesty  Hanna  reminds me  of this  selfish girl from a Hallmark  movie she  thought  these  gifts  were for her but in  fact  they were her father  from her  dead mother  but  the  girl doesn’t  stop  think about anyone  else, Hanna  comes  off  as  that  selfish with Logan.   The  sex  between was   just  plain and  weird and  awful   he  used  a  horse  bridle  to  gag her. Really?  in a  barn  surrounded by  horses, This  just  didn’t  impress me  while it  tried  to  lean toward  BDSM  it  fell  flat  with  safe  words like  Whoa   because of  course it  would be her  safe  word.  Logan   thinks  banging her  is  a dream  come  true  and he’s going to  everything he can to make her  fall  for until he  realized  she is  the one  getting married.  Now  that  brings  me to  Zak  our  villain  he  is  apparently  forcing/ black mailing/  being a  total   fucking  dirt bag  and  making her marry  him. She  even  admits  he’s controlling and  abusive  which  I stopped  reading  the  book  after a  certain  point  and here’s  why….  TRIGGER  WARNING  AHEAD.

Zak  is not only  abusive  but  he  tried  to rape  Hanna  in school  which  she  blacked out  about  and the  fact  that Logan saved her from it. Zak  shows up at  the  ranch  because of  course he  does  and  drags  her  away . Which  then he  decides  to  tries    rape her  on  a back  road  and   does  a  good  job  trying  at  that  point  I stopped  and  was  disgusted.

I  gave this  1 star  on  goodreads  I  wish  I  could have  given it  no stars. I was  awful and not  sexy  even  the  sub characters  where  awful.

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