An Earl’s Guide to catch a Lady….Not really a guide to anything.

So  I picked up An Earl’s guide to catch a lady  because  the  blurb  looked  really  good. So Evelyn Tremaine  wants  to travel the  world  and  of course  doesn’t  want  a  husband,she’s  actually in  the middle of  running away  from London to  Bath  because some  Lord  wants  to  comprise  her. Evelyn  gets  drunk and  ends up in  Matthew  Earl of  Grey’s  bed.  My  thought is  why  did  she  get  drunk   in the  first place? this  was never  explained,  does  she  have a   drinking  problem? was this  just a  one time thing?  why was  she left on her own?  Anyway  she  gets  drunk  then  naked  and  climbs  into  Earl  Grey’s bed   (hehe  see what I did  there?)  Which then  sets off a  horrible  chain of  events in  the  form  of  weird  passionate  kisses, Alpha  like  behavior  from the  hero  to the   point  I  thought he  was  going to beat  on his  chest  and   proclaim her  his  woman….I think that might have  happened. Mostly the  book  involved  Evelyn  running  away  from  Matthew  and  then  there  was the  sex, after how  ridiculous  the  book was    the  sex  fell  flat with one  exception.   Another things  that  stood out was  was  Matthew  had been hurt  by his  former  fiancee who  cheated on him,But  after  having sex  with Evelyn  it  magically  fixed  cured him of  his  aversion  to love, of course it did.Then  the  trainwreck…book  had a threat of a  duel,a  fist fight  and  was about  ten  chapters  too long.  The  books only  redeeming  quality  was  that  hero  read  the  heroine’s  favorite  book and  quoted a  passage  to her  which I thought  was  sweet.   This  entire  book gave off  that  really, really old  school  romance  where  the  hero basically   forces  the heroine  to love him while  acting like  a  jackass.

If  you like  the very  old  school  feel  and  the  overpowering  Alpha  and  when I  say  overpowering  it’s basically   shut up  woman  I  own  you attitude.  A total  Trainwreck,  I  mean  at one  point  the  heroine  calls  the  hero  ‘an  old  fart’ I mean really?  For $0.99  An Earl’s Guide to Catch a Lady: Misadventures of the Heart  is  very  properly  priced. I  gave  it  2  stars on  goods reads  and  that  was  due the  hero’s  sweet  gesture  toward  the  end.

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