A Scot in The Dark… Where can I find one of my own?

So  to  continue  my Binge  of  the  scandal and scoundrel series   I  read   A Scot in the  Dark.  Holy shit  this book was just….Just lovely!  The  basics of this book  is  Lillian Hargrove  has  been a  ward  of  the  Duke of  Warnick  all her life, she  has basically lived  forgotten in   one of  the  many houses the  Dukedom  owns  while  the   each  Duke died  leaving  the  next  to  care for her…or  forget  about her…  That is how  she lived her life  forgotten  and   basically   invisible. That  is  until  an  artist named  Derek  Hawkins   approaches  her in the  park  she falls in love  with him  and  let’s him paint her naked. Naturally  once  that happens  he  turns into  a  jerk  and  dumps her in front of  the Ton, the picture he painted  will be  on  exhibit  for  entire  world  to see.

Alec  who is  the  current Duke of Warnick    who not only  loathes  everything  english  but  wants nothing to do with  his  title  comes  to  town to  save  Lily and  literally   breaks down a  door  to get her. Alec  has a plan to  save her and  its simple  he’s going to marry her off  then go back home to Scotland…simple  right? sure….

So  Naturally  there are  pants  feelings  between these  two  like hardcore  but  of  course  they  both  have  issues, Lily  wants  to  run  from  her  scandal  and become a hermit,  Alec  wont  let  that  happen because  he knows  what it’s like to  run from your  past  and  hide from it.   In  fact he  wants  to  her off   to save  her, but  then he  also  wants  to  run away. Alec’s  damage is  heartbreaking.  Now  don’t get me  wrong  when I  call it  damage  it’s not  a  bad  thing, it’s  the  truth  thought  all  hero’s and heroines have some kind of damage, trauma, or  even  drama  to  work  through  before  they   see  HEA. Alec’s  was  heartbreaking, He  is  very  tall   and  built  making  him in my opinion  a  drool worthy  hero,  and  yet he has been   named  the  Scottish Brute. It  was not enough  to be  unloved  by a mother  abandoned  him, but when he went to  school  in  england  he  ended up doing things he wasn’t  proud of, things  that made him  felt  unworthy of  love  from  Lily or  anyone.

I  feel like  these  two people  were  so  broken  by  what happened  in  there  lives  that it made  story  so much more powerful, he  didn’t want to love her  because he  didn’t  think  she could love  him,  she   felt  the  same  exact  thing  and  she  was  terrified he  would leave  her… which  spoiler  he  did  twice  that in itself  hurt  me  as  a  reader.   The sex  scenes  were  hot, nothing liked  sex in  a  carriage  to get things  going  and  the banter  between them   was just Lovely, funny  and  made me love  them  even   more.   Let’s not  forget  about  the cover!!  I mean  Look at  it!



This  book had  all the  right  elements  for  a  perfect  romance novel, as it  should be.  It left me not only  happy  but  a little  sad  because  because it was  so  wonderful, that  is a  hard thing  to  do. Because  Lily  loved  Alec  so much  she  risked  everything  to  teach him  he  deserved to be  loved   no matter, that  she  deserved to be  loved  no matter what  and  that message  alone  is  so  very   powerful.

Before  you  run off  to  buy this  book, which  you  should!  You will  be  saying  the  same thing  after  you  read  this  book


Dear  Sarah Maclean,

please  give Sesily  her  own  book.  We  love her  and  need  more  of her  scandalous  self.



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