Book Boyfriend – Simon Hunt

I  wanted to  start  something new. Each new  book I  read  I  tend to  find a  book  boyfriend and  I thought I  would  share  him with you all.  Now  not  every Book  hero  can be a  book boyfriend. So  what  does  qualify  a  hero  to be my  book  boyfriend?   I  am so  glad  you  asked!

Book Boyfriend  Qualifications  are  as  follows:

  • Must  be devastatingly  handsome
  • Must be  able  to make a  girl  swoon by just  being  the room
  •  Funny
  • Charming
  • Naughty
  • Must love  animals
  • Is  a  Duke…..Okay, okay  he  doesn’t have to be a  Duke but  it helps  and I  do  so love a good naughty Duke
  •  Talks  Dirty –  I don’t  care  what  if it’s out  right  dirtiness or little  innuendos  if  he can make  it  sound  Dirty  then I am all here for that.
  • Is  very  sweet  at his core
  • May or  may not  be  damaged –  this  can  be   plus  in a  book  boyfriend  for  long term purposes,  there  is nothing  better  than  a  hero  who’s  pain  can  break  your  heart  only to see him  have a  HEA
  • May or  may not  be  an  Alpha –  this   basically  explains  itself, in  that  I love  when  a  hero  can  take  charge  and outright  say  what he wants  or  is  slightly  domineering  or  even  dominant.

And  there  you have it, if  a  Hero  can meet  any of these qualifications or  all of them   then he  will be my  book Boyfriend .



Lately I’ve been  reading   secrets of  a  Summer  Night  by  Lisa  Kleypas   and  I’ve  fallen  in love  with  Simon  Hunt.  His  stark  honesty  while  it may  be  shocking  in some  aspects  I  find it  to be  a  total  turn on, Not  only is  Simon  a  man  who  knows  what he wants  and   finds a  way to get it, but he  is  sweet  with  a slightly  broody  side  that  comes  off in  the  form   of  “I just  want  for  you my  mistress”   Honestly  I  would like to  apply   for  that  position   ahem.   I   haven’t  finished  the book  yet, but   Simon  has   definitely  caught my  attention  and    I  would  willingly  be  trapped in a music  room  with him   anytime.

Below  you  will  find  a  picture of  I  feel Simon  would   look  like. Feel  free to  drool  as much  as  I am..  But  before  you  do  here’s  a fun  question!  What  do  you look for in  a  Book Boyfriend?  I  would love   know!



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