Secrets of a Summer Night- Review

I picked up  Secrets of  a  Summer  night  By Lisa Kleypas  which is  book one  in  the Wall Flowers  series. Like most  books  I  randomly  buy    I  loved  the  blurb  and  thought  the  cover  was  pretty.  I  was  however   pleasantly  surprised  by  how much  I liked  the  story and  just  how  Charming  Simon  Hunt  was.

It  starts  off  with  Four  wallflowers  meeting  and  becoming  friends.  Two of  the  girls  are ‘brash’  Americans  which  puts  them on  the  outs  automatically    and  Annabelle  is  poor and  Evangeline  has a  stutter  which made her and  then  Lillian  my  favorites.  So  the  girls  decide  to help each other  find  husbands  starting  with the oldest  that means  Annabelle.  Annabelle  knows  she  needs to marry for money,  since her  fathers  death  her  family has  struggled  to maintain  ..well  everything.  So  by  marrying a  peer   she knows  it  will not only   clear her  families  debts  but  give  her  a  sense   of  security, but you know  what  they  say about  the  best  laid  plans…

Enter  Simon  Hunt.  Hunt  who once long ago  stole  a kiss  from Annabelle in a  dark  theater  is now  one of the  richest  men  in  England  and  has his   sights  set on  Annabelle  but  not  as  a  wife,  Which  if it  was me  I am  totally  fine  with that.  However  Annabelle  is not, and  she has her  heart  set on  marrying not only for   money  but  a  peer,  while  Simon  is  the  son  of a   butcher  and  is  in  his own  right a  self made  man, that  coupled  with  the  fact   that he  outright  tells  her  he just  wants  her  for  his mistress  makes her  dislike him.   As  the  story  progressed  we   see the  bond  the  Wallflowers   start  to have  with  each other  and  I for  one  would love  to see more  books  that have   this kind  of  friendship,  it just  the made  the  book  a  little  bit  more  better in  ways  that  I  can’t  really  explain.  There  were  time  when I   felt  the  book   had  lagged  slightly  and  even though (SPOILER)the  author was  trying to show  how married life  to  a middle  class  person  was  different  than  being   married to  a peer. What  a middle class  family  was like  compared to  a  “well bred” family.   I  found it  interesting  even  with   thought  that maybe  it  should have  ended   ten pages sooner,  But  it  still worked  in  the  end  pulling  the  story  to  a perfect  full  circle  and  hitting a  HEA perfectly  and  leaving  this  reader  emotionally  satisfied.

Now  for  the  bad  part because  sadly  there is a small one.  This  book  while I loved it  and  am  eager  to  read  the  next  book, did  trouble me,  it might  also be a  trigger  for  some. Not  to  go into  a  full on  spoiler  but  Annabelle’s  mother had been  selling herself  to  a Lord  who  use to be a  friend   of  the  family now  he  just  a  filthy  scumbag,  but  he  growing  tired of  her  mother  and  wants  Annabelle.  This  does  escalate  slightly  beyond  lude   comments  and  it’s  obvious  how  distressful   the  situation is  to her mother and  what  she has to do/does.   It  could  honestly be  a  complete  turn off  for  some.

All  in  All   Secrets of  a  Summer night – the  wallflowers  book 1  is  well  worth  the read.  and  I  gave it  4  stars  on  goodreads .


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