Book Boyfriend-Alec Duke of Warnick

I  finished  A Scot in  the  Dark  a while  ago  and  yet  there are just  some  books, and  some  bookfriends  that   linger   and  Alec  is one of them. From the  second  he   broke  down   the  door  to his  own  town house  I  felt like  he  was  going to be a  keeper,  not only   was  he  charming  but  sexy  as  hell  but  he  was  all  male… you know  what  I’m  talking  about.   But  what  I  wasn’t  prepared  for    was  the  emotional  attachment   He  would   bring   with  him,  Now  true  Bookfriends  are  supposed  to be not only  eyecandy  but a  good  book friend  in my  opinion  should  leave  us  with   feeling  that  there can  never be  his  equal,  after  all  there  will never  Be  another  Benedict Bridgerton  who  will  fed us  pastries  through  the bathroom  door  while  we  bathe  or  Michael Stirling  who  is   not  only  wicked  enough  to  tell us naughty things but  tell us  he  would   bend  us over a  table  and  take  us  repeatedly, Oh yes  he  really  did  say that.  What  about  a   Rafe Brandon?  or Harry Wright ?  No one  can plan  a  wedding   or  be  scandalously  seductive  like  those  two   leaving  us with  a   well  satisfied   smile  afterwards.

But  then  there are  Boyfriends  like  the  Duke  of  Warnick,  who  not only is  overbearing, domineering, charming,  seductive , brooding   but  also  very, very  damaged. What  I mean  by that  The  trauma  from his  past  is  so  strong, so  heartbreaking   that it  struck a  deep  cord  with me  causing him   to  stand  out  and  become   part of  that  ‘club’  of  Book Boyfriends  where  you  instantly  remember him  and   give  that  Sigh, you know  the one  I mean, It’s  a mixture of  fondness  with  a little  bit of longing  to  go back and  see   how he  is  doing.

With  that  thought in mind  I present  to  you   Alec  Duke Of  Warnick. Can  you imagine  him  breaking  down  your  door? While  I choose   mu interpretation  to    forego  the  kilt, I  like  even  though  he  would   horribly  uncomfortable in  a Duke’s  clothes  he  would  still  look  devastatingly  handsome  and  I just  couldn’t  help myself . The  second  Picture  could be  Alec  aged  a little  more and  yet  still   so  very  handsome.

There  you have it  Book Boyfriend  Alec Duke of   Warnick.  Want  to know  more?   His  story can be  found   in  A Scot in the  Dark  By  Sarah  MacLean,


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