The Devil’s Submission…. Made me  happy on so many levels

I  was  given  an ARC  of  The  Devil’s  Submission  By  Nicola  Davidson  by  the   publisher.

When I  first  saw  the  blurb  for  this  book  I  was   most certainly interested. Lord Grayson ‘Devil’ Deveraux   is  the  bookkeeper of  Fallen   a  pleasure  club  run by him and  his  friends   Sin  and  Vice.  Devil as he  known   is  the  disinherited  son of  a Marquess. Devil   also  like  to me  dominated  and  pain  with  his pleasure.  Which let me  tell you  I am  all here  for  that!   Devil is  also married  to Lady Eliza, which  at  first  they  seemed like  a perfect match  she   is  fiery  and  forceful and not  afraid  to  say  what she  wants  from  or wants him to  do to her.   That  is  until her mother  puts a  stop  to her unlady like  behavior  and  Suddenly  Devil is   saddled  with  demure   wife  that he  can’t  handle. Because he  feels like  he cannot be himself  around her. She leaves him, and  fast  forward to  their  friends   getting married  and  Eliza’s  parents needing  money   makes it  easy for her  to come home. When she  does  sparks  fly instantly!  Let me  say  they are   lovely  Kinky  sparks  that  I   was  like  oooh!  good  book noises  here!   Now  Like I  said  before  Devil likes a   little  pain with his  pleasures   but  doesn’t tell her  that  fully   until near  the  end.  Which  of  course  she is more than  willing  to   help him out  there, it was little   fast  how  she  was like  ‘oh? you  want  me to control you?  K  I’m  down with that’  but it  worked.

Now  the  book did  have  a few  flaws  in  that  it  can be a  massive  trigger  warning for some.  There was part  where one  girl  said  she  was punched  in the stomach. The way it came off  even made me a little  like  really?  But it  was  soon  forgotten.  There is some  parental  abuse  in the  book   between  parent and  child  which is   explained   but  that  can be  a  trigger  for  some  so be  warned  it might not be  for you, if  you  find  that upsetting.

Overall  I  found  the  book  to be  good, I  do  love  a  good  historical erotica  book and  if it involves  spanking of  any kind  then I  am all  here for  that.  The  ending  was  very  sweet  in  that   Devil  found  the  acceptance   he  thought he  could  never   have, which  honestly  tugged  at my  heart  and made  me so happy. He  did  something  that  he  thought  people  would   judge  him for   and   found  that  people  were  happy for him and  that just made my heart  happy.  So  not only   does  this  book   hit  the right  spots  in  the  naughty   department  but  it  leaves  you  with  that  feel  good  feeling which is   hard  to  sometimes  with   an  erotic   novel    and   the  best part The Devil’s Submission (Fallen)   is a  $1.99  So  if  this  is  a  new  to  you  Author   and  want  to  give  her  book a  try  without   spending  too much of  your  book  budget  then this  well  worth it!

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