It Happened One Autumn- Review

It Happened One  Autumn  by  Lisa Kleypas  is  the  second book in  the  wallflower  series.  I  started this   the  other  day when my  internet  went out  thank  you  Verizon. But  thanks  to a local  company  I am back on  the  internet  sooner  than  the 14th  and  the local  company has much better  costumer  service!  But  enough of  that back  to  the  important   matter,  Lillian  and  Marcus!

It Happened one  Autumn   brings  the  tension we  felt  between Lillian and Marcus  to  head,  I  for  one  loved her  smart mouth ways and not because I  have a  tendency  to be like  that myself.  The  story  starts off with Lillian and Daisy  visiting a perfume  shop  and  Lillian who  has  a  talent  for   scents  and  since she  impressed  the  shop owner he   offered to make her  special  perfume  that  would   attract  “the one”  Which she  doesn’t  really  believe  it  will work  just  smells  awesome  so  she  buys it.  A month  later  she  finds  herself  at  the   Lord  Westcliff’s  house  in the  country…again.

 Now  the last  time Marcus   had  a house  party  that  resulted in  Annabelle  and  Simon   getting married  and   the  four  Wallflowers  playing  rounders in their underwear.   Rounders  is basically like   baseball  in case  you’re  wondering.   Anyway  Lord  Westcliff  and  Simon  catch  the  Wallflowers   in  the  act  and so  begins  the  attraction  between  Lillian  and Marcus… or   the  war…either  way  it’s  lovely.  Marcus  has  these  parties  as  way  to  conduct  business  and  what  better  way than  a  party, Lillian’s  father  owns  a   soap company which Marcus  wants  to  be  part of   which is  the only  reason  he  invited them,  Because  he can’t stand to be  around  Lillian…so he  claims.

Once  again  Marcus  catches  Lillian  playing  rounders ( only this  time  she  dressed)  and  strangely  enough  he  joins  in. Then he  helps  Lillian and  Daisy sneak  back   to the house before  their mother comes to  wake  them for  dinner, But  they end  up  almost  running  into  their  father and  some other  gentlemen on  the  way  back so  naturally  Lillian and  Daisy   get  separated   leaving Lillian  to hide with Marcus  because nothing  will happen  right?  they hate  each other  so  they will  just  hide then  go  about  their  business….Riiiight. Holy  hot  steamy   makout session!  Add in the  fact  that people  where  on the  other side of   the  wall and  might  get  caught…I  melted   because omg  yes! on  so many  levels!    The  fact  that   Westcliff    suddenly  has  feelings   for  Lillian and  keep his hands off, But  don’t  worry  it  wont  happen again  because  if  anything  Lord  Westcliff  is man  who is complete control. So why not have a secret meeting in   the orangery, because   nothing    is  going  happen  or  how  about  showing her  the  butterfly  garden?  totally  innocent.  Are  you  laughing? Don’t  lie,  I can hear  you!    But  seriously  that man  has no  control  around  Lillian whatsoever   and  I  wouldn’t  want him any other way.  So  as  you  can imagine   There is  a little bit of    internal  struggle    for  both of them  because  it was  ‘I hate  you  but now I  want  to have  all kinds  of  sexy times  with  you’ which then  moved on  to  Lillian  feeling  she  wasn’t  good enough for Marcus, and  getting drunk then  finally  and  Marcus  Ruining her   Yay!  I mean  how  horrible!

Of  course  this book  has  a villain  Marcus’s  mother who is  a total  evil bitch  and  tried to  get  rid of Lillian  using   poor  Sebastian,Lord St.Vincent.  St. Vincent  being in  the  desperate  situation  that  he’s in ,  The  countess  took  full advantage  of him  and  I  refuse  to  believe  otherwise!

 This  book is  well worth  the  read  and I  gave it  5  stars on  goodreads!

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