Distracting the Duke…. Not very Distracting

I recived  the ARC for  Distracting  the  Duke  By  Elizabeth Keysain. She is a new to me  author and  I  was super excited   when I  got  this  ARC, because   it  was about  a  Duke, discovering a  new to me author   and it  was  about a  Duke….. We all know how  much I love  Dukes.

The  book is  about Duke of Ulvercombe  who is looking for  a  wife and he  has  found one  The  adorably lovely  ward  of  Lady Clara Tinniswood, The ward is everything  Lady  Tinniswood  is not,  sweet,  biddable,  easy to manage,  has no  opinion  whatsoever.  Where  Lady Tinniswoord   in the  Duke’s  opinion is  too  opinionated, argumentative  and just plain  annoying.     The  thing is  he’s  right.  Because they both  are  annoying.  While at  first  I thought this might be  an enemies  to lovers kind of  story,  I  could have  dealt  with  that, The  relationship   did not  transition  smoothly  at  all ,  While  it  was  obvious  Clara  had   suffered  abusive  at  the hands of  her  former  husband  ( he even  knocked up her sister)   The  Duke   thinks  she  deserved  her  husband   being  unfaithful,  but  suddenly  has a  change of  heart  when  they get locked  in a very  tight  space  together  and he  has  to  soothe  her fear, from them on  the  relationship  becomes   complicated  with him  trying to  win Clara’s  affection   and her  under the impression   he’s  just being   nice  to court her  ward.  He  even  gets  her  to make up  with her  sister, who it  turns  out  didn’t  really want to have  sex  with Lord  Tinniswood, but   just  to  paraphrase  ” when  kisses  and touches  weren’t  enough”….well you   get  the picture.  Why was she  even  letting  that happened?!  I  am not  condoning  it  in fact  this  this  book is  a  massive  trigger warning.   And  while I  always like  characters  to  find  HEA   it’s hard when  the characters  are   unlikable   and  sadly  this     did not leave me  with  the    happy  feeling  we  should all have  when  finishing  a book.

That  being  said  I  gave it   2  stars on  goodreads  because  the cover  was pretty. But  I would not   recommend  this  book.

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