A Spoonful of Sugar-Super Sweet Review!

I  was  given a  copy of this  ARC for  a  fair and honest  review.

Every now  and then I like  read something  different, Sometimes  I pick up a cozy mystery  or erotica  So when a  Spoonful for  Sugar by  Kate Hardy  came my  way I  decided to  take  chance on this  new  to me author.

Stacey Allman  is a special needs  teacher, not only  that  but  she   is hearing  impaired and  has  a stutter  this made me sit up and take notice   because it’s  rare  you  find a heroine who isn’t  completely  perfect,  and  before  anyone  says  anything  you  all know  exactly  what  I mean by  that . Stacey   agrees to help her neighbor  Tyler Carter  who  has been  entered in the  Bachelor bake off  which is  a charity  fundraiser for Harry’s house  which is  a place   for  kids in the  town to  go  the  place was  created in honor of  Harry Monroe  a  first responded  who  killed  while   helping an  elderly couple  fix a  flat  tire.  Stacey  agrees  to  teach  Tyler  how  to bake  after he  sets off  the  smoke  alarm while  trying  to making a  layer  cake.  It’s  obvious  the  guy  cannot  even make  a  grilled  cheese  without  almost  setting  the  place on  fire.  And  apparently this because  he  owns a  gym and is  very  healthy?  and  yet  he  eats  a lot of takeout… okay..

The  book is  a  slow burn type  there is  a lot of, I like him but  he could never like me and  I like her  but  I’m not sure I’m  ready  for  a  relationship  after my  ex. While  I   liked  the  book  there  were a  few things  that   I  didn’t.  Stacey’s  family  treated her  horribly calling her  dumb  constantly because of   stutter  and   hearing  impairment,  and  it  stuck with her  sadly  she could  tell  everyone  around  that  they weren’t  dumb  but internally  she  struggled  with  her  inner  voice  telling her  she  was.  Which is  very common  with  self  esteem  issues  ( I know this  first hand)   but it  took  so much way  from the  good  that  was going at  times  that  it  made  want  to  shake her  and  tell her  she’s  not  dumb!   The  next  thing  I  didn’t like  was Tyler’s  ex  she  comes back in the picture  pregnant  to a married  who  now  doesn’t want her, so  she comes  to Tyler   because she has no  place to  stay  what  gets me is this,  They  broke up  because  The  ex  was pregnant before  to  Tyler  and miscarried   then left  him  because  she  hated the  small town  and  Tyler  couldn’t  deal with his feelings about   the  miscarriage  and how to comfort her.  So now she comes back to him   and  is all like  I have nowhere to  go, but I’m  pregnant  so  we can pick up  where we  left off and   you can  raise this  baby, and  not  to mention she  treats  Stacey horribly. But  thankfully  Tyler   ships  that Ho  back to her mother.

Now  for  the  good!   The  baking   is  three rounds

  • Cookies- chocolate chip
  • Pie- blueberry
  • Cake- Orange  glaze

I thought  the  teaching him to  bake  was  adorable  and  gave  the  book  a  fun feel  to it. This  was  an overall  sweet and  clean  romance, there is  sex  is in it but  it’s not in  your  face  and   not  the  focal point  the  book, the  book is  more  centered  on  the  relationship  between Stacey and Tyler  and  it  progressing .  This  book  two in  the series  there are  five  books  all together   It’s  priced  at  $2.99   and  for me  that  always a  great  price  when  trying out  a  new  author.  So  if  you liked  sweet  clean  romance  with  baking this  book is  for  you!

I  gave this  4 stars  on  good  reads

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