The Devil in Winter was everything

I  decided  to  Read  The  Devil in  Winter  because it  was  bad  week and  I need something  to make me happy,  at least my  hope  was  that it  would make me  happy.  I  was  wrong.  This  book  made me  beyond  happy,  I  wanted to  wrap myself    up  in this  book and  stay with it  forever. Even  the little   sneak  peak of  The  Devil in  Spring  had   me   making   good  book noises .

Evie  goes  to  Sebastian, Lord St Vincent… did  you  hear me   sigh?  that man.   Because  she knows he’s  desperate  for   an  heiress  with money, Which  she just  happens to be. Evie  is  desperate  to   get  away  from her  disgustingly controlling  aunt  and uncles  so it’s  a perfect  match so  to speak  once   she convinces   Lord St. Vincent   its off  to Grenta  Green!  Which  Evie insists  they   don’t  stop  until they  reach the  village, from the beginning   Lord St. Vincent  took care of Evie  making  sure  ate and  she was  warm  he  even  helped her  untie her  boots!  Sebastian,Lord St Vincent  may have  put on a  good  show  with his  snarkiness  and  ‘I don’t care about  you  attitude’  but  really  when  push  came  to  shove   he  was  kind, sweet  and   just so  very  wicked. This  book  ( while I  admittedly have  yet  to  read   Daisy’s  story)  is my  favorite  I   feel  it  really  showed  how  the  relationship  between  Lord St.Vincent  and  Evie   grew,  everything from him protecting her  from her   relatives, to  caring about  her  health  while  she  took care of her  father.  The man even took a  bullet  for her!  Oh  you  read  that  right.  I  feel this  book  was  more  relationship  building  focused   and how  both   characters  changed  as people, Evie  became more  confident  and found   a hidden  strength  that  she  didn’t know  she had,  and  Sebastian  found he  could  actually love  someone  other  than himself, that  he  actually  deserved loved.  it  was just wonderful watching them  change.

The best  part  of  the book is when  Evie  starts to have  doubts  so  she  purposes a bet the Sebastian  remain  celibate  for  three months  To  quote  that  sexy beast…er  I mean  Sebastian “I’m Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent. I can’t be celibate. Everyone knows that.”   Evie is  devious  in  this  and I love it so  hard,  secondly I  found myself  saying how  can  we  deny this  man  ANYTHING?!  Because  he’s  Sebastian,Lord St Vincent  and it  just  felt  a little  wrong  but it  just  worked on so  many levels  and made me happy.

Overall this mark  book  hit  the mark on  the  sexy  factor,heartwarming  factor  and  the  ability  to make  the  reader  fall in love.  You know what I mean  by that, that  feeling you  get  when a book is  done  and  you  think  ‘if only I  could  go back and  stay longer’ or  even reread it  because  you  can’t  let  go. The  Devil in  Winter  covered  all the bases  to make it  a perfect  romance  novel . and  in my opinion it  is  well worth  the  $4.99  and  so  worth  the  read  I  hardly ever  read  excerpts  for  the next  book because I  don’t want to ruin it, but  you  will want  to   read it !   I  am so  looking forward  to  The  Devil in  Spring!

I will leave  you  with  the  gorgeous  cover  and  a picture of my version  of Sebastion,Lord St Vincent





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