Sprinkled with Love….Needed Less sprinkles and more Love

I  was  given the  ARC  for Sprinkled  with Love By  Jennifer  Faye  for a fair and honest  review.

Sprinkled with Love By Jennifer  Faye   The  third  book  in  the  Bachelor  bake off  series  what is  unique   about  this  series  is  all  five  books are  written by  different  author  each  book is  roughly   190-160  some pages    and  are  all  stand lone,  and  can be  read out of  order.  Now even though  they  are  written by  Different  authors  they  still center  around  the  charity  bachelor  bake off  and the small town of  Marietta,  so  if  you love small town  Romances  this  a  great  series for you. Also if  you’re a  fan of   closed  door/ no sex  then   the  two books  I’ve  read  are  perfect for you.

 This  book  centers on  Jillian  Parker  and Avery Wainwright  Now  apparently   they used to be  friends and Jillian  used to be  love in  with him.  When his parents  die  Jillian  even  took on  the job being a nanny to  his  brother  and  sister  while  Avery   worked. Avery  is  cowboy who has   done  the rodeo  circuit and  worked on a  ranch, while it’s never  said  that  he’s  a  cowboy  outright   there is nothing  else  he could be.  Jillian  was in love  with Avery  but  he never  felt  the same  and shunned her  attempts. So  now  years  Later  Jillian  has  got her life  together   and owns a  small  jewelry  shop  with her  bff   and is totally over  Avery.  But   one  night  her  mother’s  cat  named  Romeo   gets loose and  runs  away   worried about  Jillian  take  off  and   is  almost  run over  but  Avery, who is back in town  fixing up  his old house for his  sister  to live in after she is  done  with  school. It  turns out  that  Romeo  is   running  across  town  to meet up   with  Marshmallow  who  just happens  be  Avery’s  sister  cat… hello  matchmaking  kitties! Let’s not  forget  the  basis  of  this   entire  book is  Avery  is entered in the  Bachelor  bake off. Also  another thing  the mention is  the bake off in  all books  follow the   same  rules  for  each  round the  guys must  make  Cookies, Pie  and a  Cake.  Avery  opts  to make  Cowboy Cookies   I  googled  them  because  I’ve never  heard of them  and  they  don’t look half bad, that  and  the  author  did her  research.   As  the  story  progresses   we  meet  Jillian’s   d-bag of  an  ex  and  Avery  comes  to  terms  with having  feelings  for  Jillian.The  back  and  forth  pull   between  ‘I’m  over  him’  and  ‘Oh my god  I have  feelings  for  her!’  gets  a little  tiring  after  a while  because  it  stretches  on for   so long.  Avery  also  takes forever  to  tell Jillian how he  feels.

I  didn’t like this  book  as much  as A Spoonful Of  Sugar,  the only thing  I  found   good  about it  was  the  love  affair  between the cats.  The  characters  just  seemed  too stressed  about their  feelings  that   the romance  is  hardly  there  even  the bake off  is   pushed in  the back so  far  that I  had  almost  forgotten  about it.  Also can  we  talk about  the cover  for this one.  It’s  cute  don’t  get me wrong  but  that man  does not look like a  cowboy…. just  sayin.

 Over all  the book wasn’t  the  greatest  and if  you can  get this one  for  free  and  are  a  fan of   clean/small town  romances.  ( this one  had no  sex  at  all)   it might be  for  you.  But  for  me  it  would  not be  worth  the  $2.99   because it just  fell  flat  all around.


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