If The Duke Demands

I  was  given an  ARC  for a  fair  and  honest review

If   the Duke Demands  by  Anna  Harrington, who is a new to me  author.  Now  it’s no  secret  that  I love  anything to  due  with Duke  so this  book already  had  that  going  for it .  But  the instant  I  read  that  “Lady Rose”  had  snuck  into “Lord Panther’s”  bed  I  knew  instantly this was  going to be a  good  book.
Miranda Hodgkins  is  basically  the  girl next door to  the  three  Carlisle  brothers   Sebastian Duke of  Trent,  his  brother  Robert  and  his  Brother  Quin.  Miranda  is in love  Robert   who   she   sees  starting to take  interest in  someone  else,   but  she  wants  him to know she loves him  and to  prove it she  sneaks into his bed   during a  party  only  it’s not  his bed  but  his  brother  The Duke  his  brother   Sebastian.   Sebastian  has  come into his  title   because his  father  died  from a  riding  accident  and  since he has been a  stickler  for  all things  proper. So  when he  finds  a  masked  woman  in his bed, he  cannot  resist her  until she calls out  his brother’s name.  Sebastian is shocked to   find out  the  woman who makes his  blood  boil is    Miranda   someone he  only thought of  as  troublesome  and  who is now  very  grown up.  While this  does  pose a problem for him since he   is all hot and  bothered  by her . Sebastian  figures  that  since he has to go to london for  the  season   to  find a  wife  he  will  be  rid of her, and his  pants  feelings.

However  His mother  is  taking  Miranda  with  them  for  a  Season   and  for  all she has  done  for  the  family  since his  father  died.The Duke  ends up  blackmailing  her into  behaving  while  agreeing  to  help her  win  his  brother’s  attention. Because we  all know  how  well that is  going  to work, right?   The  book  is  however slightly  predicable,  and  there is  slight  back and  forth  (repeatedly)  on  She’s not  proper  but I lover her,  she  wont make a  good  duchess  but I  can’t live  without  her,  but  the  heat  and  sexual  tension make up for it.  As  do  Robert and  Quin   they are  in my  opinion seriously  funny  and I  cannot  wait  to  read  Quin’s  story.  The way  they  interact  remind me of  the Bridgertons….sigh.  which just won me  over  completely

So the list is $7.99  for   If the Duke Demands (Capturing the Carlisles)   and  in my opinion  well  worth it.   I  gave  it  5 stars on  goodreads.

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