Windswept By Sabrina Jeffries

I  was   given   the   ARC  for  Windswept  By  Sabrina Jeffries   this  book is   being  reprinted   because  she  originally  wrote  it under  the  name  Deborah Martin.   Now  it’s no secret  that I am  huge  fan of this  author and  was super  excited to  receive  the   ARC.

Catrin Price   comes  from a long  line of  women  who are  cursed,  they must drink from  an  ancient Druid chalice  but it  was sold long ago  by one her  relatives  and  in turn the mend in her  family start to  die  within   three years of  marriage,  her   own  husband  didn’t make  it past  the  wedding night. Which  if  you love a  good  Virgin   widow  story, this  is  for  you!    Anyway  Catrin  goes  to  London  to  buy back  the  chalice  from  some guy  named  Justin  who  gets murdered  after he  sells it to her, Catrin  on the  other  hand  has  most likely   Been  watching  investigation  discovery  and  decides  something  bad  is  going  to happen s o  she    leaves out  the back  just   be  safe, which  apparently  was  the right  thing  to  do!   She  makes it home  but  all the while  in london   Justin’s  friends  mainly  Evan Newcome  who is  scholar, is  going to   find his   friends’ killer  which  he  sure is  Catrin    that is until he  sees her   swimming   in a lake   which of  course  causes pants  feelings  for him.  When  he  asks  Catrin about  the  Chalice  she lies  to him  and tells him  she  doesn’t have it, But   Evan tells  her  he’s  researching a  book  and  needs her  help on  writing  a  book so  they  are  both hiding things  from  the other.  While  Catrin starts  to  have  feelings  for  Evan  there  are  two  problems  one the  schoolmaster  David  wants  to marry her but  he’s  a major jerk ( think  Gaston  from  beauty  and  beast)  and he’s  also working  with  some guy name Blackheart  who  wants  the  chalice  and  Problem  two  is  Evan just  wants  to be  Friends with benefits  I honestly  see on problem  there  but  that is just me.  Eventually Catrin  find out  the  real  reason  Evan  is  in town  but  forgives him. Then after  they  have  sex  Evan  finds  the Chalice  he  basically throws a  fit  about  being lied  to.. hello  double  standard  hell  bent on  bringing her  to  justice  and  just being  a  little bit of  an  asshole  he  drags her off  to  catch up  with  a  detective   that he  chased off.  Along  the  way  David finds out  what happened  and  chases  after them  shoots  Evan   grabs  the  Chalice  and  runs  off.  Evan  and  Catrin   take   refuge   at   friends  house  which  is  conveniently   near by.  Blackheart  kills David  and  goes  after  Catrin because he’s  going   marry her and have  perfect Druid  babies…. I  am not  kidding, the  guy was  bit  of  a wackadoodle.   Once  Evan  and Catrin  reconcile  it’s all good until she  runs off   because she  needs  that  darn  Chalice only to  get  kidnapped  by  Blackheart..   and  Lets  just  say  Blackheart  does not  get his  HEA  but  Evan  and  Catrin  do  and  rightly  so!

Overall  the  book was  good   you  can  definitely see  the   rakishness  in  Evan  that  we have come to  in   the  Hero’s  that  Jeffries   creates, I liked  Catrin  to  a  point   but  I  found her  whiny   toward  the  end of  the book   But I  was  happy  with how  the  ending  turned out. It  did  lag a  bit  after  Evan was  shot but  picked  back up  after  Justin’s  Killer was  revealed  and  while  yes it  was  Blackheart, Blackheart  was not  the person’s  real  name  and  the  real person  was kind of a shock.  The  mystery  set  the perfect  tone  to  book  as  did  the conflict  with  the  hero  who thought  he   would  become  abusive  like his  father  and  Catrin who  thought  because  she  was  cursed  she  couldn’t have  what  she  wanted. But  she  proved  that  you  should  fight  for  what  you  want  curse or  no. I  gave it  4 stars on  goodreads  and  think this  was  well worth  the  read.

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