Devil in Spring

I  finally  got  to  read  Devil in  Spring  By  Lisa Kleypas    and  Oh my  god!  Firstly  EVIE  AND  SEBASTIAN !!!  they are just as perfect  now as  they were in   The  Devil  in  spring !

Now  about  Devil in  Spring!    The basics of the  story is this  Gabriel, Lord St Vincent   Finds  Pandora  Ravenel stuck in  a  settee  bottom  stuck up in the  air.  Gabriel  then  does  what any man.  more  like  any man who  is known as  Lord  St. Vincent   would  do  he  has a  conversation  with  Pandora  as  to  why she’s  there and  how she became..compromised  by  the  settee     much  to her   dismay.  However   when  Gabriel  goes to help  Pandora they are   found  by  the  host of  the party and  forced  into marriage.  Poor  Gabriel  he  was just there for  the fireworks and  ended up with a  wife!   Pandora on the  other hand  is none too pleased to be  shackled  to this  man  who is  too handsome and  charming,  because she  has  dreams  of her own  to  run  her own   board  game  company.

Let  me stop  here.

Firstly I am  all for  Pandora   having a  board  game company and  doing her  thing  but  if  she  could  have a  Lord  Vincent  tied to her bed….. Yeah.. I  would  rather  that instead… Also  Lord  Westcliff makes  an  appearance!! omg   I  was like  Marcus!!! and he  has   daughters!!

Now back to where I  was,  This is   not  a convenient  thing  for  either  of them  but  for  some reason  Lord St Vincent  wants  Pandora  and will do  anything  to  get her  to  say  yes,  So  naturally he  invites her to  spend a week with is  family, which I  don’t know about  you   but I   would had  already  said  yes, Also  his  little  brother Ivo  should  seriously  have his  own  book someday  because he  is most certainly   a  Lord  St  Vincent in  his  own  right if  you know what I mean.  Naturally  They  do  get married  because  they   feel this   connection  that   most  likely  lust  which  all know  will turn to love, however  there is  a struggle  for  Pandora  to  keep her  Independence  especially  after  she  attracts  the   notice of  some  unsavory  characters  who threaten her life.   The  book comes  full circle  with  Gabriel  coming  to  terms with his   feeling  for  Pandora  in the light of  almost losing her,  and  Pandora comes  to  terms  with  the  fact  that   when  you love  someone  you  sometimes have to  compromise.

Most  of the  times I  work  my  notes into  the synopsis  but I am just  going to make this post  more  rambely  than  normal  because  this  book  had  a few  extras  that  stuck out  to me.   Pandora   suffers  from  vertigo  and is  deaf  in one ear  which  she  tends to  hide, it  just  struck me how  much I really love  the  ‘flawed’  hero/heroine   and I  really  connected  with  Pandora, which like I  said before is something that is  hard  for  me  at least, It  just  everything  about her  character  resonated  with me  I  could   totally relate  with her not liking compliments  and  them making her  uncomfortable  and this  quote   “If  you live in  isolation  for  long enough it  becomes  part of you”   just  really  struck  a  cord  with me.

Also can we  talk about  Gabriel  and  what he likes in the  bedroom?!  This might be a  spoiler  but   really, he likes to  tie  women  up   and  when I read  that  I   was like  OOOH!! because of  course I am  all here for  something like that, I  just  wish   there would have been a little more  of it.  Because  I really loved it.    Lastly  Ransom  is he  a  Ravenel??!!!  you  can’t  hint  at something  like  that and  then  walk away  I  need  the  answers!!  I NEED   them!!

Over  all  Devil in  Spring  was extremely  enjoyable  and if  you’ve  read  The  Devil in  Winter  which I  highly suggest  you  should, it  was like  coming home  and  visiting  old friends.  This  book left me with  that  happy  comfort  read  feeling this   is  well  worth  read and  I  gave it   5  stars on  good reads.


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