Last Night with the Duke- I read this so you don’t have to…really.

I  received  this   ARC  for  a  fair and  honest   review.

You know  I love  Dukes,  I mean  you have a  Duke  on  the  cover, in  the book, on  the  title  and  I am  all  there for  that  so  when I   saw  the  ARC for Last Night  with  the  Duke  By Amelia Grey    I  was like  okay  I am  here  for this,  so here, then I started  reading it..  The  book is  about  The  Duke of  Griffin  and he basically  needs  a  chaperone  for  his  twin sisters, So  he  Hires   Esmeralda  swift  the disinherited   grand daughter of  a  viscount .  The  catch is   that  Esmeralda  gets to bring her  sister  Josephine and  her  dog  Napoleon . Griffin needs  Esmeralda  to be  very  vigilant  because  he  has heard a  rumor  that  someone is  going to  ruin  the  twins   because of  prank  that he  and   two of  friends  pulled  when they  were  younger. That is basically  the  sum of it  all.

This  book  had  so much  potential  The  cover is   crazy  beautiful  and  My  thought  was   the  series  is   called  the  Rakes of  St James,  well  we  all know  how  Rakes are  right?  Yeah, not  even  close  he  was not  very charming, or  devilish  or  even   close  it  the  mark.  Dukes are  so my  catnip  and in my  world  they can  do  no  wrong, which  makes me  sad  to  writ  this  because  this  book  just  went  so  down hill.  Firstly  there is no  chemistry   between the  hero and  heroine  there are  some  sad  attempts  at it  but  he  harps on a  moral  code  and  the fact she  works  for him.  I happen  to like  that  trope  and  see nothing  wrong  with a  chaperone  or  governess   hooking  up  with her  boss   only  he   finds out  that she  is  the  granddaughter  of  Viscount  does  she  become “his social”  equal” and he  kisses her  that  just had  me  saying  are  you   joking?  and I  wanted to punch him. But it  gets  worse   The  twins  are  complete  idiots  and  annoying.  While  the  Duke… The  Duke and it   kills me to  say  this  is  a  total  jackass  not only  because  of  the prank  he   pulled in his  youth, which  I might  add  he  is only  twenty  eight  and   keeps referring  to  himself  as old.  I mean  really ?  since when is  Twenty  eight  old??  If  you  are like me  and  like a book with a lot  of  flirting and   romance  you  wont  find  it in  this  one,  because  by  the time  they  finally  bang it  was   near  the   end  and  it was  unspectacular


There is  a part  where   the  dog   gets  taken  away.  You  see  Esmeralda  and her  sister  found it  as  stay  a  year  ago  and   kept  it  ever since, but  suddenly this  guy  shows up  claiming  it’s  his  granddaughters  dog  and   of  course  Josephine  throws a  fit  Esmeralda is  useless  and  the  guy takes  the  dog.  This  was  just  all unnecessary  in my  opinion.  Also  the  fact  that   Duke  goes  to  get  the  dog  back  but  the  guy  has  already  taken it off  back to  his  granddaughter and  Josephine is   all like “it’s  okay ”   The  way  she  threw  that  fit,  no it wasn’t and  that  guy needed a  throat  punch  too.

The  only  small  bright  spot   in this   book  was  the  dress  maker  Madame  Donceaux.  If  the book  had made me  smile  half  as much  as  she  did  I  would have liked  it.  But  I have  given it   two  stars on  Goodreads  and   one of those  stars  is  just for the  cover.



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