Baking For Keeps… is certainly a Keeper.

I  was  given  the  ARC for  Baking for  Keeps  by  Jessica  Gilmore   for  a  fair  and  honest  review.

Baking  for Keeps  is  the  fourth  book in the baking  bachelor  series.  This  book  is  about   Zac  Malone   who comes  to  the  small town  of  Marietta   (in  which  all   the  baking   bachelor  books are  set)   to  help the  town  up grade it’s  accounting  software. Zac    hates   small  towns  and  the  sooner he  is  out of this one  the better.Lacey Hathaway  lives  with her  aunts  who are  known bakers and just  happen  to be  where  Zac is  staying  during his  time  in  Marietta.  Lacey  is  the  town  DJ  and  she  also   helping to   organize  the  bachelor  bake off  and   film a  documentary  about it. Thanks  to her   brother  Nat   the bake  off is now  one  bachelor  short. However  lucky  for  Lacey  she has one  sexy   if not  stand offish  bachelor  living  under  the same  roof  as her. Lacey  ends up  convincing   Zac  to   do  the  bake  off    which helps with Harry’s house,a  place  for  kids  in  town  to  go  and  do  different  activities.  With  the  help of  Lacey’s  aunts  Zac  learns  what he  needs  to know   for  all  three  rounds  which   consist  of   Cookies- short bread,  A  pie-  blueberry  with  ginger  and  A  Cake   Apple/ cinnamon  which   Zac   figured out on  his  own  and  reminded  him of  Lacey.

This  book was  a  slow  burn  book  with   the  hero  working  through  his  hate of   small towns. Zac  grew up  in a  small town  and  when his  father   left his mother, his mother  became  an  alcoholic   and  the people  who  had  once  seemed to care  about him and his  family   turned  their  back on him  causing him to  feel  alone.  Zac  became  a loner   because of this  pushing  everyone  away, and  not  really setting  down  roots  anywhere.

Lacey  Hathaway  loves  Marietta  her  family is  from the  small town.But  sadly   she  didn’t  grow  up there  her  parents  were  traveling musicians  causing  them to never  settle in one  place  for  too long.Because of  this Lacey never  wants  to leave  Marietta now  that  she’s   basically  settled  down.

Once  Lacey  has   convinced  Zac  to   enter  the bake  off  things   change  the  attraction  between  them  grows, and  even  while  they have  their  mini  bake offs   to help  Zac  practice  and   to  help  promote  the bake off   via  a  webcast it  becomes  obvious  that  there is something between .  What people  don’t know  is the  side bet  they have  going   that  if  Lacey  wins  she  will   take  him on a  tour of  the  town and  show  him  why she loves it,  if he  wins  he’s  going to  set her up with one  of  the  bachelors  who’s not him,  because he  could  never  give her  the life  she  wants……. how  well does  that ever  work out?

While  the  book is  pretty  basic  in  that  you  can easily  figure out  what  happens  it’s   very  enjoyable  and  touching  none the less . Zac  and  Lacey   are  basically  just  two lonely  people  who end up  finding  each other which  here is  just  something  in  that  alone , that   sticks  with you  and  keeps  you going  wanting  to make sure  that  they  get  their  HEA. Some things  that  stood  out  to me  where  when   Zac   made  a  comment  that he  was  like  Jay  Gatsby  when  the music  stopped  he  was  all  alone, when  referring  to how  his  town  had  abandon him and  his mother. And  Lacey  told  Zac  that   the  Halthaways   once  they  find love it’s  forever  which  I   thought  was   wonderful  and heartbreaking  at  the  same  time.

I liked  this  book  and  for  $2.99 it’s  a  good   clean  read   that  will  leave  you  with   that  feel  good  feeling.  I  gave it  4  stars on  good reads.



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