Passion  Favors  the  Bold  by  Theresa  Romain,  who is  a new  to me  author.  Is  about  a  treasure hunt, Basically a  bunch of  gold  coins  were stolen  from the  royal mint these  coins   were  yet to be  released  to the  public  so  the  mint  is offering  a reward to anyone who can  find one  the chests  that have been stolen   before  the  official  release  date of the  coins.

Enter Georgette Frost  who’s  brother  Benedict  is  off  searching for  said  treasure. Georgette  has  lived  and  worked  in her  families  bookshop for her  entire life, since her parents  death  the  shop  has  gone to her  cousins who are in  need of  a  maid more  than a  cousin  to  run  the shop. Georgette  has  decided  that it  is better  to leave  than be  kicked out once  she  turns  twenty one  since her  cousins  need  the space  due  to having so many kids.  So  she   sets off  to find  the  treasure  and her  brother  Benedict  who is  also  searching for it  as  well. However  what  she  didn’t   count on  was  Lord  Hugo  Starling.  Lord  Hugo   is the  son of  a duke  and  a  doctor,  much to  the  dismay of his  family  He  also  wants  to  build  a  hospital  which again  basically has his  family  throwing  their hands up in  disgust,  why couldn’t  he join  the  clergy  like a normal  boy?  Since  the  death of twin  brother  Matthew   years  go   Hugo  has  sought  to  change  the way medical  is  given.    Hugo  who has  always  gone  to  the  Frost  book  shop  (I  wonder  why?)  and  his best  friends with  Georgette’s  brother  finds  Georgette  at   a   coach  stop  alone  and  on  her  way to  find her  brother  and  the  treasure…. Or is  it the  treasure and her  brother?  Naturally   Hugo is not  about  to her  go off her on her  own  and   practically  tosses her  into his  carriage  and  so  the  adventure  for  treasure and  love  begins.

Okay  so here’s  the low  down  on this  book  Banter  oh my  good lord  the  banter  in this book  is  just   everywhere and  everything, but let me  tell you  it’s  a thing of  beauty and  I loved it. Its  obvious   from the beginning  that  Hugo  has  feelings  for  Georgette, and  I  suspected  that  from the beginning when  he made  a  comment  about coming into the shop to check on her because of her  brother  being her  friend  he  felt more  for her  than  just being  an  obligation.  But  the  duty  he   feels  to  make things   right over his  brother’s  death    does over  shadow  it, he  has  plans  and  she  doesn’t  fit  anywhere into  them  and  yet  he  goes  with her  to  protect her  even if  it  costs him everything. Hugo  hates  the  unexpected  and  sadly for him  Georgette  is  just  full of   from  posing  a  boy  named  “bone-box”   Just  really?  What kind of name is  that?  To  posing  as  husband  and  wife  he  suffers  it  all for her. He  even takes a  bullet  for her.   For her  part  Georgette  just  wants  freedom and  wants  to be off on her  own, while  she  finds  Hugo  attractive  she   knows he wouldn’t  want  her,  after  all he’s  friends with  her brother  it’s  the only  reason  he’s putting up  with her…..right.  Did  I mention her  brother is blind?  I  cannot  wait  read  his  book!

Georgette  is likeable  enough, and  a  strong heroine  she   was  able to  patch up  Hugo  when he  was  shot  and not  swoon  not  to mention  how much she likes  to   argue…. I  can  relate.

The  sex  in this  book was not  pinnacle  in that  it  came  much  later in  the  book ( almost  near  the end) and  the  wow  factor  just  wasn’t here,  Sex  in  the  wine  cellar  which I  can   deal with, and  sex  in  wardrobe  where  there could barely move? Had me   asking  why? And  saying  just lock the  door and  bang on the  floor. While  I  admit  I like a  book  with  that  has  a lot of  sexual  tension and  when it  happens   very  hot  sexy  time. This book  did not have that.  But  that is okay, because  this book  brings something  else  to the  table  the  relationship  building   makes up for  it  that  you  become  so  invested  in  these two  that   while  yes  you   want  them  to kiss, and  bang  you  also  want  them  to  “make it”  to  come through  all the  drama that  is   their  lives  to   hit   the  HEA.

While I would have liked to have seen more passion between these two and more flirting, it would have   not been right or these characters, Hugo was not the charming Rake kind   that is not say he wasn’t charming and sweet in his own way the man stopped so she could pet a sheep!  That made me love the man.   The mystery of where the coins are, is solved   and is simple enough to figure out who has them and where they are.

I have put the other book on my TBR   and found this one to be well worth the read.

Have you read this book?  What did you think about it?

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