Scandal In Spring… Could have had a little more Scandal.

I  finally  read a  Scandal in  Spring.  The last of  the Wallflowers  series  it  took me entire  day and I   didn’t  make  any notes  because I   didn’t want to  stop  reading it.   Finally  Daisy  gets her  turn, but  much  to her  dismay  it’s  with  the last man she  would ever  want. Matthew  Swift.  Which  if  you  ask me he is  sexy  as  hell and  I would  gladly take  her  place.  I  will  say I  was  disappointed  that  Daisy  didn’t  end up with   Cam   which  would have  been  a little  more  interesting  for  a  story line but  still I liked  Matthew  don’t  get me  wrong.  However  Daisy thinks Matthew is just  like her  father  it  really  doesn’t help that he  basically  the  man’s  successor. Mr. Bowman   is  a  complete  and  totally  asshole. There I  said it, he calls  Daisy a parasite  which   I  was  like  really?!  REALLY?!  I  hated  him.   Mathew has loved Daisy for  years,  so much  so  he keeps a  button with a lock of her hair on  in  on him at  all times.  Which  I  thought  was  sweet.  I liked this  book and  thought it  ended  the  series  nicely  but   it  didn’t  pack  the  same  punch  as  the other  books, and   for me  drifted  by  the way side.  Even with Mathew not being who  says he is  and  that  causing  a  bit of  a shocking   turn to  the story.  However   that is not  say  it  does not   have  it’s  moments   as  you  can  see  (declaimer  I  am lazy  and  took that   screen shot  off  my  Tumblr  that is my own  kindle  by the way.)  What  Marcus  said  to  Daisy made my heart  happy  and was  just something I needed  in  that moment. Not only that   but my  boyfriend…  Sebastian  Lord  St. Vincent makes an appearance.  And  the  conversation  between  him and  Marcus  about   husband  hunting!

There is one more  Wallflower  book  left in the  series  only this one  involves  the Daisy and Lillian’s  Brother  Rafe and  I have  that on my  TBR list.  The  cover  while  pretty  is lacking one  Wallfower, Unless it’s meant to be  the  Bowman  sisters with  the new  heroine?  I’ll let you  decided.

While I  will  admit  I  was  disappointed with   book,  it  did wrap up  the series nicely  seeing  Lillian  have her  baby  her  which  and  SPOILER   a  veterinarian   delivers  the  baby  and  the  chaos  was  just  wonderful .  If  you read  the  first three  books  then you need to  read  this one.




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