When the Marquess Falls


I  decided  to   read  when  the  Marquess  Falls By  Lorraine  Heath   because  the   cover   is  just  absolutely  gorgeous  and  the  excerpt   that Avon  posted   before  the  release  was just  everything.  Bonus  points  to past  me  for  ordering it  January  and not  remembering.

This  book is  apparently  a prequel    to  the  Viscount  and  the  Vixen  which  I have  not read, but  you   betcha   I  am  going to now.  The  Marquess  of Marsden   falls in love  with and marries  the  bakers  Daughter  Linnie  the  book  centers around  their  life  together and  Death. Oh  you  read  that  right.

But  Let’s  talk about  the  happier  things  first  this  is  a  friends  to lovers  book  so if  you’re into  that  you  really want  to read  this.  George  is  perfectly  sexy  and  wicked  .  Linnie  is  just  awesome, she was   strong heroine   in so many  ways  I just loved her.   The  sex   was  wonderful  and  little  dirty  and  Linnie herself  had a  dirty  thought  that no  self respecting  virgin  of her  time  should   have had .  I  wanted  to  high- five her.

Now  here it comes.  So  the  Marquess  invites  her  to the  Christmas  eve  party  where  he  and  Linnie  sneak off  to have  a little  sexy  time and   just be  together,  even  though  at this  point  they aren’t  sure  they are  going to be together.  Linnie  ends up telling  George  that  a  fortune  teller  once  told her, she  didn’t have long  to  live.  Then she  went on  tell him she  saw him with  four  boys.  Fast  forward  a few  years  They have  perfect marriage  full of love  and now  Linnie  is having a baby.   Which  she  doesn’t  survive, but  the baby  does.  This  broke my  heart  because I read  these  for  HEA  where  love  conquers  all .

Grief stricken  George   has  all the  clocks  stopped in the house  at the  time  Linnie  died  and  refuses  to  go into  any  room  of the  rooms  that  reminded him   of her,  which is basically of  them.  He  even  avoids  the  baby  until  Linnie  appears  telling him   not  to  blame the baby or himself  that she  had a  good life.  The  years pass and    Locke   grows up to be  just  as  daring  as his mother,  while  George  still  grieves  for his  wife, But in  a  twist   of  fate George  becomes  the  guardian  to  three  boys  who were  sons of his  friends.    Now  Linnie’s  prophecy  has  come to pass , and   strangely  enough  this   book  has  a  HEA.

But  I  will warn  you  this  book made me  cry  dear   god   I  ugly  cried  for  over  an  hour  and  even  this morning  when I  was  explaining the  book to someone  I  started  crying  again.    I  gave this  5  stars and  for  $1.99  this  book  is  a  great  way  to  find  a  new  to  you  author with out  breaking your  book  budget.  Also  I have  found  all  companion  books  and  put  those  on my  TBR.

Here  is  a  question  I  am  going  to  leave  you  with.  What  was  the last  book  that   had  an  effect on  you?  Be  it  making  you  ugly  cry  or   making  you  extremely happy.


2 thoughts on “When the Marquess Falls

  1. Covers are stunning! Last book to make an impression? I actually have been so focused on writing, that I’ve neglected reading. However, I recently read an Indie’s book: The GingerBread House, by James Richard that I thought was absolutely STELLAR. It’s not usually my Genre, but it was amazing. If you might be interested in reviewing a debut novel, I have one coming out in a week with the fabulous Ella Nash!! 🙂 I love reading your reviews!

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