HFN and Serial/Cliff hanger trends

This is  going  to be  a  bit  Ranty  so be  warned!


Okay here’s a question to ponder Happily Ever After (HEA) or Happy for Now (HFN)?  This is the trend that is apparently emerging in the Romance world.  And something that has been bothering me. Because I read romance novels for the HEA, why?  Because have you looked out the window? Life is messy, hard and most of the time sad.  So why wouldn’t you want to read something that gives you hope? Most will argue that HFN is more realistic and HEA only fosters the illusion that love conquers all, well I am all here for that illusion!   But what do HEA’s really do?  It gives us hope for one thing. Hope that if/when we see ourselves in the heroine we can say to ourselves “I deserve to be loved just as much.”   I deserve to have that   man fight for me/ or chase me to the ends of the earth to prove his love if need be and will not settle for less.

True in a HEA love does conquer all death/sickness   even infertility which sadly in the real word sometimes no matter how strong the love is that doesn’t work out that way.  Nor do the good guys always win in real life. But that is real life, and while   that is something we all must deal with but when we are paying, let me repeat that paying $7.99 for a book and are expecting a HEA   you better believe there better be one, not a HFN or even dare I say it a cliff hanger!   Because I don’t know about you be but for me my book budget is   important to me and for me to and if I am willing to gamble on a new   or new to me romance author then you had believed I expect them to deliver a HEA.

Another   rumored trend that might be emerging more is cliff hangers or serial novels.  Why? Just why? WHY??   I don’t understand this.  Many people have speculated that some authors do this to make more money. If this is true I can’t say, but what I know is it annoys the hell out of me and avoid it like the plague.  You will get me to buy more of your books with good writing and interesting storylines  and  super  sexy  times, even  good  sexy times  I’m  easy…. Hehe. You want me to  break my kindle/phone/iPad  by  throwing it  across the room in  frustration  and swear   so bad that a sailor will blush then   give me a book with a surprise cliffhanger.    I read this book once (no I am not naming it) and it was amazon freebie which is sometimes how I find new author and it was amazing, a time traveling   historical. And   at half way through the book   I decide to look up the author and   see what else she had to offer and put some of her titles on my TBR list.  Do you know what I found?  That book I am reading   the one I thought was awesome.  Was part of a series. Which my first thought was okay, I like books that are a series I can go with it but then I read the description and found that the book was continuation of the   first and there were six more books to continue that book. But I finished even though I was angry and ended up being left with a   cliff hanger.  I was willing to $4.99- $7.99 for a book from this  author   because her writing was good however I was not willing to    spend that amount for a hundred and some page cliff hanger that  I  would have  to then  go on to  buy another  book just  find  out   what  happens!   You might be about to say, “Well if one of your favorite authors   did something like that you would still buy their book” Would I knowingly buy it knowing that it had a cliff hanger? No I would not. If I was tricked into buying it thinking  a  complete book  then I would lose all trust in that author and stop supporting them. Another common thing I have been   hearing Author’s selling their stories as HEA complete  books   when they are    serials/cliff hangers   or HFN.  That is a NO just stop right there with that.  Because as reader I am putting my trust in an author when I buy their book that they will deliver the following

  • Super sexy times, sexy times in general or down right dirty times.
  • Pants feelings all around
  • A good story
  • Happily, Ever After.

That is the expectation when I buy book, and that is the promise an author makes.  You might tell me this unfair to put expectations an author. But   we all do it. Think about if your go to buy a Stephen King novel what are you expecting? Or If you watch iZombie?  What are expecting?  You’re expecting Liv to eat some dead guy’s (gal) brains   take on their personality and solve the mystery of their death.  But what if she doesn’t do that? What if instead of a crime fighting Zombie she goes all walking dead   on you and then screen just   faded to black?  No explanation.  Or Stephen King doesn’t deliver the thrills?  And at the end of the book you find something like “they got puppies and lived happily ever after” do you see what I’m getting at?   we all have expectation   on the things we like and yes while they do change (hello billionaire craze) Most of the things stay the same.  HEA formula does not change.  While I am not sure if this “trend” will catch on   fully it is out there, the debate is out there.  There  are  authors who will sneak that shit in or sneak in a surprise cliff hanger, that does not make it a romance novel, you have two people bang and   then throw in a HFN or cliff hanger you cannot call it a romance novel.

I think I have ranted on long enough about this.  I will close with however Someone brought up that When the Marquess Falls is part of this new trend because there is no HEA, I have read that book and oh yes there is.  There is two HEA’s in fact for the hero and heroine.  What am I talking about?  The hero and heroine marry (that is one) Then (spoiler…. Maybe) While the heroine does die in the   end so does the hero and they get to be together in death I consider that   HEA number two.   True  the  book will make  a  girl  ugly  cry  worse  than a  Kardashian  but  the  HEA is delivered  (and  worth it.)

So that is my ramble on the new trends/ and or rumors I have been hearing about.  What do you think?   Will it catch on?  Would you even read any HFN or serials?   Do consider those books to fall into romance   category?   I will leave you with those questions   to ponder over the weekend.

Next week I should be back with more   regular reviews. If you follow on me on IG you’ll know why I haven’t been posting this week.    Have a great weekend! And Happy Reading!

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