Book Boyfriend-Jack Delvin

I would like to present to you Jack   Delvin  my new  book boyfriend .   Let’s take a second to   just look at him ,shall we?

Who is he?  The bastard son of a nobleman Jack struggle his way through life    to become   one of London’s   biggest publishers.  At a young age, he was sent to school that was basically meant to kill him but Jack survived no only that he also took care of the other boys at the school, who like him were unwanted children of noblemen.

Why we love him? While at twenty and five Jack might be the younger man, but remember age is just a number and   he more than makes up for it.  He’s wickedly charming, and   extremely naughty   when it comes to the bedroom and just in general.  This man will not only push us to our limits but   leave us wanting him again and again.   Jack is also devastatingly sweet at times when it’s really needed.     He considerers books an escape, and   you can be sure that   man knows a that the true way to woman’s heart is a very rare book.

Jack Delvin most certainly boyfriend material.  If you want to know   more you can read about him in Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas .   Did I mention that he also sometimes pretends to be a male prostitute?



You’re  welcome.

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