Suddenly You

I picked up  Suddenly  You   by  Lisa Kleypas  because  I love this  author  and   While listening  to  smart bitches  I heard it  a  naughty  scene  and knew that I just  needed to  read this  book.  As I  suspected  that  scene  was just  full of Nope  but I  loved  the book  anyway.

On the  night  of  her  30th  birthday   Amanda  hires a   gigolo ( this is the word  I’m  gonna  use  and I’m  sticking to  it)   because  she’s  30, a spinster  and  just wants to  experience  sex. I  say   good for her.

However   the man  she  literally  yanks  into her  house  is not  who  he  seems  to  be.  Yes  he is   devastatingly  handsome, charming  and  sexy  as  hell  but for  as much as  she  tries and  wants  he  wont    give in  and  have  sex  with  her  nor  will he  take money  from  her.  Apparently  he  is  the  worst   gigolo ever, even  if he   did  naughty things  to her.

But  he’s not  really  a  gigolo  he’s  Jack Delvin.  Owner of  London’s  most  successful publishing  house and  basically  taking  the  publishing industry  by  storm.  He had  originally come  to  see Amanda  about a  manuscript of hers But  was  immediately  attracted to her.   Jack is  the bastard son of  nobleman who   when is mother died  was  sent to  a  boys school which was  meant  to kill him, but it  didn’t in  fact it made him a better  person. He  protected the boys  younger than him often  taking on  their  punishments  and  when he  rose  he took  most of them with  him.   While  Jack  is  all for  an  affair with  Amanda  he  isn’t  looking to  put a  ring on it.      Of  course  we  all know better.

What  I loved about  this  book is  the  natural   naughtiness of it  and  the  idea  of  it. I loved how  Amanda   took matters  into her own  hands  was like  “I want a  man but I don’t  want marriage  so I am  going  to  hire a  prostitute”  ( I  paraphrased  that)    She  was a  strong enough  heroine  without  being  overly  so.   I loved  the   way  Jack  pushed her  to do things, it  came  off  as   it  doesn’t matter  that  you’re a  woman    stay and listen  in on  this  business   meeting  or   let’s  go  to the  races.  I love how  he  treated her as his  equal.

Also  if  you  are  looking  for   an older  woman/ younger  man  trope   this book is  has  it  she’s  30  he’s  25…..she  doesn’t  find  that out  til later though. but honestly who cares  because  that man is  just yummy.

However   the only thing  I  didn’t like  and  while  I am  all for  dirty  kinky  goings  on.  And I always   will  I  cannot  be here  for  stick food  up  ones  lady  parts  No, just  No.

But  Other than  that  Suddenly you  was a  really  good  book that   left me with a  happy  and  fulfilled  feeling.  This book is  certainly  worth  the  read and  the  price.

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