I Dared a Duke (Review)

I  received  I  Dared  a  Duke  by  Anna  Bennett  for  a  fair and honest  review.

I  review  the  first  book  My  Brown Eyed  Earl  on  Goodreads    that  book  earned  four  stars.  I gave  this  book  3  sadly  one  of  those  stars  I  gave just for  the cover.

The  basics of  I  dared a   Duke  are this.  Alex  the  Duke of  Blackshire  who is known for   his  burn  scars that  he  received  as a  child  during   a  fire  that  killed his  parents  but left him as  the sole  survivor, he  is  also known for being  good in bed. Which when I read  this  I  was like  oh yes!   Elizabeth  Lacy is  one  of  the  Wilting  wallflowers   and  is now  a  companion to h  the  dowager  Duchess of  Blackshire.   Alex  wants her and his  grandmother  gone  because  someone is  trying to kill him.  So he  has  Beth  help him  convince his  grandmother  she  would be  better off  if not  safer  in the  country, Beth  agrees but   first he  has to  grant  his  grandmother   three wishes   before  Beth  helps him. Beth thinks this is not  only a  good way to  get  Alex  to spend time with  his  grandmother  but  makes sure they can stay in town longer. Its only when she  finds out  the  real reason he wants them both  gone. that   Beth decides  she’s  helping  whether he wants   her to or not.

Here’s  the  real  deal. Firstly  I  am  all for  scarred heroes!   give me  heroes  with one eye or  patches, blind heroes.  Except  I  don’t  want  them  to   be  all twitchy  about their   scars, ect  like The  Duke  was  because  his  little   tantrum killed a  very  good love  scene  stupid  male pride. I love  an imperfect  hero as much I love  an  imperfect heroine.  We  need more  these!     So  someone is  trying to kill him?  honestly  that  wasn’t much of  mystery  and I   figured  out  who the  person was  easily  or  at least   figured out  if  it was man or  woman  or  both, though I admit  there was one person who  I  was  iffy  about   being  the  suspect,  but  I can  safely  say  that man was just  nosy  trouble making  jack ass  and not  the murder.   The  Duke  is  very  unsure  about his  bedroom  skills, because  apparently he’s not the   rake  people say he is? I’m  confused on  this   because it  is harped  about   enough that it made me worry  and  also I   thought  ‘ is he saying  he’s  a virgin??’  which  would have been interesting , then I  was like  ‘oh my god!’  but no he  wasn’t  a virgin  just  really, really,  REALLY  unsure of  himself but  he  says he  hasn’t  been with  a  woman in years so maybe  that is  why he was   nervous ? . there was also  one part  where it  felt like he  alluded   that  he was  raped  by a  woman? but  that wasn’t  very  clear.

Another thing, Beth is  the  only woman he ever….you know….you  know!!!!   went down on!  I  wasn’t  sure  what  to make of that other  than  he  was right  he isn’t  who she thinks  he  is.  My  last   bit of   rantiness   for  this  book is  is  the  fact he  banged her  in the  wine  cellar, I  am not  against  a little  naughty  in  new  places  I am  however   wondering  why if  all the  servants  are  in  or  around  the  ballroom  you have   drag her  ass  down  to  practically the  basement to  get it  on?

Now  for the  good.  This  book was  a  slow burn, and  heavy on the  relationship  building which  was  nice  and  so  was  the  cuddling  part  that  was just  super  sweet. There was a  part  where he  thought about  climbing  a  trellis to get  her… HE  SHOULD HAVE  DONE THAT!  take note :  Trellis  climbing  in  anyway  shape or  form  is   good, now if  you are  wondering if  I am talking a  physical  trellis or metaphorical  trellis  the  answer is  yes. Also  The  cover  is  just lovely.

Sadly  though  the  Duke is not  as charming as  I would have liked and  Beth’s  sisters  agreed with me  when  they refused to let him  see her for  three days  after  the  killer  was  found. Beth was likable  enough. Overall the  story  was good  but not  as  good  as  the  first one  when  compared.  The   cover  is   beautiful though  and  I  really  do love a  good  cover.  But  sadly  I  would not  recommend  this  book  I just  found it  lacking  in  the  certain   spark  .  Don’t  get me wrong it  had  such  great potential  but  it  fell  short of  hitting  the mark for me.






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