Bad Luck Bride… definitely could have used some luck

Bad  Luck  Bride  By  Janna  McGregor   who  is  a new  to me author, which I love   finding  new  authors.   This is her  first  book (according  to  amazon)   her  second   the  bride  who  got  lucky    is  coming out in  October  of   2017.

This  book   is  basically  about  vengeance  gone  wrong.  Alex Hallworth the  Marquess  of  Pembrooke’s  Sister  Alice  committed  suicide   because  she  was  pregnant  and  ashamed  she   blamed   Alex’s  friend  Lord  Paul  for  it  all.  While  Lord  Paul  is   a  total  D-bag     this  event  sets  Alex on the  path   for  vengeance  that    nothing  can  stop, sadly for  our  heroine  she  gets  caught in the middle.  In  a  plot  to  take his  vengeance  Alex  basically  tells  the  gaming houses to  give  Lord Paul  unlimited  credit   knowing he  will lose, in turn  Alex  buys up all of  Lord Paul’s  Debt.  But  Lord  Paul  has  an  heiress up  his  sleeve!  Enter  Lady Claire  Cavensham.  Lady  Claire  has  burned  through  three  engagements  with  in a  short  time  Lord Paul is  her  fourth   engagement  that   ended in  a  nothing  thanks  to  Alex.  Alex makes  Lord Paul   sign  away   the  right to marry   her in exchange  for   forgiving  his  debts. But have no  fear   because  Alex  will marry her  to  save  her  reputation, which he   basically  destroyed .

Lady Claire  comes with  her  own   problems, her  parents  died  during a  terrible  storm  which  causes  her  to become  terrified  of  storms, I mean  she   has paralyzing   panic attacks. Also  she  isn’t  a  virgin.

Okay  so  here  is  the  real deal.  This book was  good  and  the   idea  was  good, I mean  really  good.  The  hero  even  had   a  few moments of  dirty  talk  that  had me  perk  up  ( because  yeah, it’s me)  However, there were  just somethings  that   I  couldn’t   get  around.  Firstly  the misunderstanding  were  rampted  between these  two  I   was to the  point   where I  thought  if the  hero  sneezed  the  heroine   would  go  running, The  heroine  was  weak  and  I mean  that   in  she  was so  desperate  to be  married  that, she  didn’t  stop  to  question  the  hero.  The  curse, this  was  a  slight  source of  rage for me  because it  was  repeated over  and  over  again  “it’s  the curse”  “I’m cursed”   Girl  you  are not  cursed!! You just have  very  bad luck  and  your  husband  is  a  misguided  idiot  there is  a difference.

The  hero   marrying her,  to protect her  from  Lord Paul, and  from  the  scandal   that  the  hero  created.  Got  that? Good.  The  hero  becomes  a shady  asshole,  by  placing a  bet  that  Lady Claire  would not marry him  using the  initials  L.P.  this almost  gets her  cousin  killed,  nice  going  there buddy.

Lastly  Lord Paul   awful,   he   goes  after  Claire and  wants her  as his mistress, when  she comes  back to London  after  she finds out  that Alex  married out of  revenge.  Then there is    where  Lady Claire  received  a  note  from Lord  Paul  saying her cousin  Emma  wanted to meet  him  at   Inn. Naturally  Claire  races  to her  to stop  whatever is  going to  happen, Alex hears about and  goes  after  Claire  they  get stuck in the  storm and   come to terms with their  feelings  for  each other.  That is not  the  weird  part   it’s  this. Lord Paul is  there  Emma  is not,  he  says  he  doesn’t know  what is  going  on  but  will help find her  So  he  rides off   but  suddenly  Alex  and  Claire  find  out that  Emma  is  at home  safe in bed. When questioned   Emma  doesn’t  know  what  anyone is  talking about, whether  this is a lie  or  not  isn’t  really  clear and  makes no sense.

To be honest I thought the  book should have  ended   four  chapters  before it  did.  I don’t understand  all the off shoots  and  twists.  Alex’s  betray  was  complicated  enough  without  adding  to it  and then making him slightly  unlikable .  While  the  cover is  beautiful  and  the  concept  was  good.  This  book was  just not  what  it  had  the potential   to be.

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