Stealing Beauty- Review

Please  note  that  this  book  Contains  Trigger warnings  for some.

I was given a copy of Stealing Beauty by Jessica Collins   By the Publisher for a fair and honest review.

 Summary: A stubborn beauty….
Anabelle Lehala just wants to spend time with her best friend, finish law school, and provide a good life for her and her father. Her world is knocked upside down when she meets a mysterious, captivating stranger who tempts her like no one before. Refusing to be just another notch in his belt, Belle forces herself to stay away from him at all costs.

An egotistical beast….
Rich, powerful, and handsome, Aleksandr Wolfe has been accustomed to getting whatever he desires. That is, until he meets Belle. Immediately captivated by her, Aleks can’t understand why she won’t give in to the obvious mutual desire between them. Helpless to stay away from her, Aleks wonders if she’ll be the one thing he can never have.

The fight for her life….
When Anabelle finds herself in danger after refusing the advances of Gabriel Avenant, a man who believes she is his and his alone, Aleksandr vows to protect her. As their attraction grows, they each must decide if they are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice—their hearts.


Review:  Firstly before I start I want to say this book is just one big massive trigger, if you have   triggers that involve rape, stalking and violence   I think you should stop reading right now because this book isn’t for you.


When I first started this book I   somehow became hooked on it.  You Know when you start a book and can’t put it down because you need to know what happens next?  This book hooked me like that.   Let’s talk about what I liked first.   This book had a Beauty and the Beast theme to it, which is popular lately so if that is your trope and you like erotic books this has it, the other tropes that I feel this book has is forced   seduction.  Which normally I am not really a fan of   but for this it worked, also it falls under the Billionaire trope which I meh about however this   wasn’t really the focal point of this book but still it was there.    The dirty talk.  Oh, my god people the dirty talk… I   need a second   because this book was riddled with delicious   dirty talk. This book followed the movie   to a certain extent.  The “Beast” did give Belle a library with her own corner that was filled with erotic   books, which he read to her. it was just everything, the sex in the library was just everything   which might have been added to my fantasy list ahem.    The book was good and kept my interest however there were somethings that made it fall short with me.

This book was riddled with consent issues from Belle being raped to her making the “Beast” stop   as he was basically in the middle of fucking her. Belle’s fickleness was while in the beginning was understandable toward the end was just plain annoying and made me want to smack her.   There were also the trust issues that   made the   relationship between   Belle and The Beast   borderline toxic and made me want to separate them or knock their heads together. Then there was the back and forth of “I’m going to make you jealous, No I’m going to make you jealous” then they rage fuck either because the game they are playing is turning them on or to show the other that they are the only who turns the other one.  This good once but more it becomes   tedious for me.

All the distrust and back and forth made the book feel a little long for me in spots.  Especially with Belle going back and forth between ‘Am I   going to fuck him or not?”  now I could see her saying this and leading him on chase, which for the most part she did however the tension of her doing this turned them down right nasty toward each other at times which was uncomfortable.

But overall I did like it even though the threat to Belle (being the authors version of Gaston/ otherwise known as Gabriel) got pushed to the background   because of the complicated drama between Belle and her Beast to the point I almost forgot about him.

I gave it four stars on good reads because the dirty and sex was on point and it could hold my interest even through the annoying bits.  I think this is the beginning of   series which I would be interested to see how the next book pans out.

This book runs $5.99 on amazon.  Which really isn’t bad   price if you love all the tropes that are in this book.  However, if you unsure   or if you’re picky about where to spend your book budget I would wait for it to go on sale.  Either way if you like dark erotic romances this most certainly needs to go on your TBR list.






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