Random thoughts on Book Budgets.

Lately while I have been reading discovering new to me Authors   to add to my TBR list and   then falling   and buying an entire series thanks to an ARC that is coming soon.

 I have   been thinking a lot about book budgets lately (maybe because I’ve been on a slight spending spree). We all have them but how do they really work?  Do you have a set limit every month? Or for the year?  And what does it take for a book to be good enough to   be considered book budget worthy?

For me start with My Favorites.  If they have a book coming out then they are put to the top of the list   or are automatically pre-ordered.  For the record, I currently have fifteen books on pre-order.  Then come the covers my god what a good cover can do for a book.  I will refer you below for some of my favorites.

Let’s  talk about these  covers  before I  go on.   Look at  the  Sabrina  Jefferies  cover.  I mean look at him,  If  that look  doesn’t  make you want to buy  the  that  book … or  at least  give  you  pants  feeling  I  don’t know  what will. After  reading  that I can’t  look at  the cover  with out  remembering  what he  did  in the garden….. So worth  the  naughtiness.

Next  we have   Scot in the  Dark.  Firstly  let me  say I am  guilt  of  judging  heroine  only covers  and  I am not normally  a fan  of them, however  this  cover  is just  striking  Not only with the colors  but  the  angle  it’s  done in   makes  you wonder  what  you  walking in on  or  what  you are  about to see.

The last book  is  When He  was Wicked.  This  book was one  of the  first  romance novels I ever  bought on my own not  the ones  I used to sneak in with  the  other  books   my mom  would  buy me on our  trips  to the  book store, but  not just  that  it’s one of my  all time  favorites.   While  the  cover  doesn’t   have  the  hero  or  heroine   center stage, it’s  simple  and  the only thing  standing out  is the  title, which   is  certainly  an  eye catcher. If  you have  read  this book  then you  know  the  title  fits it  perfectly. While the  cover is  subtle  the  title not  only  makes a  promise  but  it   delivers.


So, after the cover lust sets in the blurb is the next to   catch my eye, you have an interesting story line, you have a kinky story   I am here for that.  However, if I have never   read anything by the author the price is what determines   where on the book budget they land.  Do I buy the book?  Does it land on the TBR list to be saved for   when I need a   something new to read? Or a pick me up?

For me personally If the book meets the great cover and blurb qualifications, and is   $0.99 -$2.99 for a new to me author    I will pick it up without hesitation.   Because   this will not put a   dent my book budget should the book fall short of my expectations.   Plus, prices   like that are just plain budget friendly let’s face it. That is not  say  that   new to  me   authors  are not  worth  the  $4.99  or  $7.99   price  that  it’s just  that  I  feel  authors  need to  earn my  trust ( and money)  Give me a  good  story, make me  fall  in love,  make me  feel  something  and leave me  wanting  to  read more  of  your  work . Make me  want  to  tweet you  and  say   write  faster, I need more!


So how do you spend your book budget?  Do you even have one?

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