Seven Minutes in Heaven…..Seven minutes will never be enough for a book like this.

I am possibly the last person to read Seven minutes in Heaven  By  Eloisa James .  I regret I’ve waited this long because the book was just outstanding.  I bought the book because I heard that hero kidnaps the heroine and I love a good kidnapping…. I was not disappointed.   Now let me be honest I do not like books that have   children in them. I either refuse to read the book or I   start reading it loathing the children. However, these  children were wonderfully written they didn’t come off as annoying or whiny nor did they take away from Ward or   Eugenia’s story which is what I was afraid might happen.

If you like non-virgin widow tropes this book has it, in honesty it has everything…. I kind of wanted to roll around in it.  In the beginning   they exchange   letters in which they flirt shamelessly and   that is just magical.   Because when it’s downright a   flirty letter exchange between the hero and heroine is just plain fun. Ward is   just all male and screams alpha so much that I    had to fan myself    he was naughty and dominant and everything a hero should be I  was  even  able to  forgive him for  not thinking  she was lady that is how  good  Ward  was. Especially when she was eating cake and he got all hot and bothered by it, that was just swoon worthy. While Eugenia, I want to be her when I grow up. She was all like ‘I think he’s sexy as hell and I am going to bang him’ Okay she didn’t say that exactly but I am sure she thought it.  Then she did just that. She decided what she wanted and took it, no regrets, she is my hero enough said.

I have decided two things from this from book that I want someday to be chased around a ballroom, why? I don’t know but it seems like it would be fun especially if the guy chasing me was anything like Ward. Secondly, they almost had sex in a church and it was hot. I think we have established that I am all here for those kinds of things and when I read that   I like the fell even more in love with Eloisa James if that’s possible.

Over all this book was sexy, smart, funny did I mention sexy?   But was there anything I didn’t like?  No, however there was something I didn’t understand   Eugenia was really attracted to Ward’s thighs?   I can understand   being attracted to someone with a nice smile or eyes but thighs?  I thought that interesting…. But I’m wondering about that, can anyone explain that?

Lastly  let’s  take  look at  the cover and  lust over  it, Because you know  I love  a  good  cover  and this one  is  just  simply  beautiful.

This book is well worth   the read and the price…. In other words, go buy this now.  You’re welcome.





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