Never Trust a Pirate Review and My first Giveaway!!!

I  was  given  the  ARC  for  Never  Trust a Pirate  by  Valerie Bowman  for a  fair and  honest  review

Cade Cavendish  is  the  twin  of Viscount  Rafe Cavendish  who is  a  spy for the  crown,  Cade  is  basically  the   careless  brother who likes to  gamble  and  chase  women  and  just  plain  sexy and  charming  as  hell.  But maybe  not  all is  as it seems  with   Cade, yes  he’s  charming  and sexy  and  devilish  but is  he  really  a  do nothing? or is he  the  notorious  Black  Fox.   Cade who   reappeared   back in  Rafe’s  life  after a long time is out  for  vengeance  against  the  french because  ( in the  first  book  which is  Rafe’s  story)  Rafe  was  kidnapped and   tortured  by  the  french  and  therefore  Cade  hates them.

Danielle LaCrosse  is  the  new  Ladies maid  to  Lady Daphne Cavendish, she  has taken the  job to look after her  mother  who is  sick with consumption. Danielle is not what she  seems  either,  but  we  will get  to that later. Not  long  after  she  starts   Danielle  encounters  “Lord Rafe”  stumbling  through the  hall  drunk  and  singing very  badly she watches as  he goes into a  room  that  isn’t his.  Seeing this  Danielle  feels bad  for  his  wife and  goes  to   point  him toward  the  right  room  so  at least he’s  there  even if  he’s  a horrible  drunk.  But  what she  finds  is  a  cheeky charming   man who  pulls her into his  lap  just  as  Rafe and  Daphne  appear  in the  doorway  causing  all kinds of  confusion. Being  Cade  he  tells  Danielle she has  the loveliest  bottom ever  then  promptly  passes out.

Now  before I  go  any  further  let me  tell you  this which might be  a spoiler  but  if you’re like  me and  are not  a  fan  spy novels  you will thank me.  This is a spy  novel  everyone is  a  spy  Rafe, his  wife,  Danielle (she is  sent  to spy on  Cade)  Cade.  They are  spies  and  this  book is  really a  Pirate/spy  book.  So if  this not  your   thing  you are  forewarned.

So then  after  the little mix up  and   it’s  reveal  there are  two of them!  Danielle   then starts to  follow  Cade  and  get  close  to him. When I  say  get  close  I mean  they have  heart felt  talks over  drinks  in the library   which is just lovely  because  the  flirting.  Then   when  you think  Danielle and  Cade might  get  a  little  sexy  during  the midnight  dance he  promised  she  is pulled  to  go  work on  on  following a  french ship that is trying to  free   Napoleon, She  does  however  get her  midnight dance  with  Cade  and it’s  sad   holy  shit  the  feels  that  happen during this.  So  she  is put on  this  ship   as  the  cook  assistant   (of  course she is  dressed as a  boy)  To her  surprise  The  ships  captain is none other  than Cade, who  of  course can  see through her  disguise as  boy  when no one else  can  ( it’s  one of  the  superpowers  we have all come to know and love  about  our  heroes.)  Naturally  he  makes her  stay in his cabin  for  her  safety, and   of course this when   they  get  down to  business. However  Danielle  being  sensible  says   this is a no strings  attach  deal and once  they  get to  the port  there will be no more  sexy  times. Once  they  reach  port  Cade goes off with his  crew  to  brothel, leaving  Danielle  safely on  the  ship  to  wait  for their  commander who another  spy.  But  Cade wants  nothing to  do with  the  women at  the brothel because he’s    moping over  Danielle, which in  turn  gets him  kidnapped because  the  captain of the  other ship thinks he’s  Rafe  and is  all like  “I  thought I killed  you, I  guess I  get  to  try this again!”  and   well you  get  the  picture.   So  when the  commander  finally  does show up  along with  Rafe,  they  all  make  plan to  save  Cade  which  for  some  reason  involves   just beating  the hell out of Rafe. Why?!   I didn’t  get  that part, because  there was honestly no  reason  he  needed to  get the  crap  beat out of him.

Here is  what I like about the  book. It was good! like  surprisingly  good,even  when I  realized it  was a spy  book I kept  going   with it that is how much I liked it.  Danielle  is a  kickass  heroine  so   if  you like  strong women, who  don’t  really need  the  hero  but  he’s so  damn  charming why not.   this  book is for you. Also  if  you  like heroines  who are not  virgins  this  book has it !  Both  characters  are  extremely  likable,  the way they  connected, and  the way Cade went out of his  way  for her and  even  bought her  perfume  was  sweet.

What I didn’t like  about this  book   was when they were having sex, he  was supposedly  saying  naughty things to her,  I am  saying  supposedly because  we  never got  to her them. And I needed to know what he  said! I  personally like   when a  hero talks  dirty, the  dirtier  the better.

Over all this  book  was  really  enjoyable  and  the  cover  is  beautiful. I liked it  so much  that  I  went  in  search  of  Rafe’s  book  ( yes, even  though he’s  a spy  I  am  willing to  read it.)   and   That  cover  is just  sexy  as  hell  as  you  can see  below.

So one more  time, if  you love    Pirates/spies/ smugglers ( think john Lafayette,  Yul  brynner. If you haven’t  seen the  Buccaneer  do it!)  Alpha  non virgin bad ass  heroines, Twins  (because who  doesn’t love them?!)  and  Charming   rogues  then  this book is certainly a must.


Now  for  the  giveaway!  What  will you  get?  One  lucky  reader  will get  a paper back copy  of  Never Trust a Pirate. by  Valerie Bowman.  What do  you have to do to win?  Simple!  Just  tell me the last  book  that  read  you  and loved.  Easy  right?    a    Winner  will be  selected  at  random  on  May 6,2017.

 ***  This is only open to  US readers ***   

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