What is considered Romance?

I  recently  heard someone   on a  podcast  say  that   Erotic   romance   is not  considered  romance?  What?  Is this  true?   Am I the only  who  feels  that  they are?  I mean  yes  they  filled  with  sex,  sometimes hot  nasty  sex. But  some  are  very  well  written and have  great  stories to them.  I  when I  heard  this  I was slightly  shocked,  what  else  isn’t  considered   romance?  Have  I missed something?  Because  I have  read   a lot of   Erotic  romances and  while  yes  there have been  lots of  sex  in them,  there have  also  been  great  stories to them.  It  got me  thinking   I mean  when someone  is looking for  a  romance  novel   the  first  question  we  all ask  is  “tell me what you  like”  because  you can be  sure    that in our   community  we can  find   it  for you, or  we know someone who  can  find it  for you.  But   what  classifies  as  a romance?  RWA  defines   Erotic  romance as  a  subgenre.    This  how  they define  it.

Erotic Romance: Romance novels in which strong, often explicit, sexual interaction is an inherent part of the love story, character growth and relationship development and could not be removed without damaging the storyline. These novels may contain elements of other romance subgenres (such as paranormal, historical, etc.).


True  there are short  novellas  that  just  kinky  and  sex filled  from  start to finish  with not  much  of a  story,  but  we can  find  that in most in  novellas  because  they  supposed  be  short  quick  stories  that  lack  something and leave  you  wanting more. I have never  read  a novella   that I  didn’t  turn  around and  complain  about it  being  too short.   But  to  not  consider  Erotic  Romance, romance??    What  about   Erotic  historical?  Or  Contemporary?   Should  we not  consider  these   to be  Romance, even when  they achieve  their  HEA.

So  that is  the  Question of  the  week   What  do  you  consider  Romance?  More  importantly  what  do  Not  consider  Romance.


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