Unmasking the Earl By Elizabeth Keysain- ARC review

I  was give a  copy of  Unmasking  the  Earl  by  Elizabeth Keysain    for a  fair and honest  review.  This is  the  second  book in the  Wayward in  Wessex  series  and  can be  read as a  stand  alone.


Cassandra Blythe will do anything to win the heart of the man she loves.  Unfortunately, for her the man she loves only thinks of her as more of a sister type. So, what better way to attract a man’s attention than take seduction lessons from another man, Captain Wycherly offers to help her.  But what Cassie doesn’t count on is his   servant   always interfering in the lessons. However, Ned is no ordinary   servant   he’s really the Earl of Stranraer who is posing as servant while searching for his missing sister, which he suspects the captain has something with to do with her disappearance.

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for “let me teach you seduction then switch it around” trope but this was not it. In fact, the heroine was at completely and utterly stupid, she should have never been left alone…. EVER. She   convinced she could handle the captain   and his lessons on her own, and then was shocked when he kissed her.  Really?  What did she think seduction lessons entailed?    Then when she discovers   the hero is really a gentleman in disguise she first starts to realize this by the way he wipes his mouth… I have no words.

Ned was a great hero, he was strong and smart even if he fades slightly into the back because of Cassie’s scheme.   I would have liked to see more of him flirting and being the alpha that he most certainly was.

While the premise was good   the book was slightly silly and predictable. Only toward the end did the heroine show some common sense which surprised me.   Even though I found the heroine very frustrating    for most of the book, the   writing was excellent.

If you like mistaken identities, hidden identities, a bit of a mystery and a very sexy hero this book is for you.

It’s priced at   $3.99 and won’t break your book budget.



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