Six Impossible Things By Elizabeth Boyle


I was so excited to finally read Six Impossible Things by Elizabeth Boyle.  She is one of my automatic buy authors.  While I admit, I am not a fan of spy novels I still went for because of her.  I was shockingly surprised at how much I loved it, Roselie is a badass heroine who takes crap from no one including the hero!   Roselie who uses the code name Asteria   is the only   female agent for the home office though technically she isn’t, because she’s a woman. However, she’s better than any and every  male  agent the home office has, and she’s driving all them all crazy and not just because they want to find out who she is.  However, Brody, Lord Rimswell is the only agent she wants to catch her, oh and he does and that my dear friends  is just everything. Because our hero is the only agent to almost catch Asteria  not once  but  twice  and  the effort he makes to hold on  to her is steamy  to the  point  I  was  fanning myself!

When things end up leading to a hasty marriage between Roselie and Brody, no thanks to chatty busy body.  The conflict between them because of her wanting to stay an agent  becomes  intense, Roselie won’t back down or even give in a little even when it might her life is at stake, so naturally being the sexy hero that he is Brody decides to help her. Which even entails a “honeymoon” visiting insane asylums Because she is convinced that a supposedly dead Duchess is   locked away in one. But the closer they get to uncovering the truth the more someone wants to stop them which brings in the fight scenes and dear god Roselie can fight, even when she ends up cut up and bruised afterwards she plays it totally cool. Now you all know I am normally team hero but in this book as much as I liked Brody I am   all team heroine, also I might want to   go work the home office…. just saying.

Before I move on to tropes you might like with this book, I want to talk about Brody’s mother. She is a nasty old dragon who loathes Roselie and yet for some reason I kind of liked her.  There was a moment of bonding when Brody wanted to send both his mother and Roselie away for their safety but when her mother-in-law found out she was like “I have to go on this trip with you?!  Fuck me” and Roselie being the badass she is   replied “you can leave you want, I’m staying” okay it didn’t really happen that way but you get the idea and that is basically what his mother was thinking when she found out I am certain of that. But the point is his mother seemed shocked   because she had never defied her   husband the way Roselie was defying  Brody and this in turn made her   follow suit and defy her son. Kind of like “Well, if you aren’t going neither am I” But I will say this even with her bout of nastiness and being a terrible mother (  she  didn’t even know  what he liked for  breakfast), when the time came she   was on Brody and Roselie’s side.

Now on to Tropes you might like, badass take no shit heroines, spies both male and female kind, Friends to lovers.  Cheeky secondary  characters. Okay that  last one  might not be a  trope  but  seriously!  Hero and  the  Hathaway brothers!

This book was action packed from start to finish, it was fun and sexy with a shocking mystery that will leave you saying oh my god or if you’re like me holy shit. The HEA was simply perfect it was the kind that will if you’re anything like me  will leave you with a happy feeling that I think all romance novels should.

This book is listed at   $4.99 which is a great price and well worth the read.


One last thing the Hathaway brothers need their own novel.  This all I am saying about that but once you read the book, dear lord you will be saying the same, that these charming rogues need a story of their own…. Of course, now that I think on it the author did seem to be dropping some hints…



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