The Most Dangerous Duke in London by Madeline Hunter – ARC Review.

I  was given a  copy t  The most  Dangerous  Duke  in London  By  Madeline Hunter  for  a  fair and  honest  review.


The Most Dangerous Duke in London is the first book in a new series by Madeline Hunter.  This is the first book I’ve read by her and I enjoyed it.

Adam Penrose who is the Duke of Stratton is known to be dangerous because he’s rumored to be a killer. He is back in London after leaving    for France with his mother after his father’s death. A death he blames Lady Clara Cheswick’s family for.  However, the Dowager Countess of Marwood who is the mother of the man Adam believes   killed his father wants to put   stop to Adam trying to kill her grandson or figuring out if the family was connected to the late Duke’s death.  So, she summons him to her home and throws her granddaughter at him because what better way to end a   feud than by joining two families in marriage?  Unfortunately, Adam is more interested in Clara than her sister and starts to pursue her.  The chemistry  between these  two  was just hot  from the start.

“Do not blame me for the delay in knowing my mind on the matter. There I was, making my decision about a lovely dove, when a black crow flew by and distracted me.”

Crow? Why, the—

“Then the crow flapped her wings in my face and turned her tail to fly away.” He walked over until he loomed above her. “I never stand down from a challenge, Lady Clara.”

Clara publishes a lady’s journal, thanks to being   her father’s favorite she has her own land and her own money, best of all she knows her own mind.  She was such a strong female character and just fun to read.  She  was a wonderful  character  who  had no  problems  with  showing and  demanding her  independence without  apology.

While Adam was wicked and very sexy.  During his first encounter, he threatened to use a riding crop on Clara. Which I was all there for that  even though  he  never  followed through. He was great hero   and at times a cheeky bastard which I loved him for.

This book was well written though slightly slow at times but otherwise very well done and worth the read.  I can’t  wait  to see what she has in store for the other Dukes..

So, if you love male friendships, a sexy duke, strong heroines who are all for having an affair with the sexy duke, and a good mystery.  Then this book has it.

It’s priced at $5.99

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