When to Engage an Earl- ARC review

I  was  given When to  engage  an Earl  by  Sally  Mckenize  by  the  publisher.  Special  thanks  to Kensington Books  for  the chance  to  review  this  title!

This book is about babies.  Holy mother of god I have never so many baby crazy people in my life.  Someone was either   having a baby, had a baby or wanted one.    Just why?  Yes, I understand   this happens but I like my romance without babies. More importantly  baby  crazy  characters.

Before you all jump on me   for hating babies.  I don’t…technically. I don’t mind    them in my romance sometimes they can even be entertaining or even charming   but babies are not the center of the universe and sadly they are   in this book.

The   hero Alex Earl of Evans   feels his biological clock ticking. Now let’s face it we all know   men of title and fortune in romancelandia   he needs to marry to produce an heir and a spare at some point.  However, this hero   had the baby bug so bad that is was ridiculous   I feel like the heroine was basically forced   to say   that she wanted   marriage and babies because everyone else was telling her   that it was   what she should want.  Jane   started  to  come off  as  strong  independent  character  until  everyone   was  all  like “  he loves  you”  “everyone  wants  to marry at  some point”   Spoiler!  No.  Not everyone  wants  to marry  or have  children. Lord Evans also disliked the  fact  that Jane was not a “restful sort of   female” in other words he was looking to marry a damsel in distress  type that he could   rule over and protect.  In  the beginning  he  was  very  big on  protecting and being manly

Then when they finally do have sex and Jane refuses to   marry him, he treats her like a prostitute and    throws money at her for her “services”.  He was an asshole. It  was  hard  to  connect either of these characters  because between the baby bug being repeated and enforced and  one character giving birth   what  should have been the main  focus of  the book  became  lost  at times turning this into a rage read for me.  Which  was  sad because  the book  held  so much  promise.

I will admit there was one likeable   thing about this book Poppy the cat, which as you can see on the cover is   watching over this hot mess. She is featured on all three book covers watching over the other couples who appear in this book  with their babies or babies in waiting, oh yes, more babies There is supernatural undertone  with Poppy that author alludes to but  never confirms. That sadly is   the end of my praise for this book.


So, here’s the deal if you like babies, heroes who want   babies more than   I  want  coffee  then this book is for you.  Because everyone in this book has them, wants them, or going to give birth to them at any second.  Then this book is for you.  If you are like me and not baby crazy in anyway shape or form then this might not be for you.

The book is priced at $4.99

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