The Untouchable Earl By Amy Sandas -Review

Hey  world  remember me?!  I’m  back!  and I  finished a new  book!  Well new to me one  anyways.  This  is the second book in  the fallen ladies  series by  Amy Sandas   her  first book Luck is no lady  was  amazing  and I loved it  so  hard. Sex on  a card table? yes please!.  That book was  main reason I  went to  get this one,   the Untouchable Earl   had a very interesting   story  line.

Here’s  the  deal  our  hero. Avenell, The Earl of  Harte. I loved his  name  by the way.   cannot be  touched.  literally   it  causes the man  pain. So he  avoids being  touched at  all costs.  Now this  is interested  because  he  goes to a brothel to learn how to  tolerate  touching other  people and being  touched  causally. He knows  one  day he will have to marry to he is basically taking one for the team.

Our  Heroine  Lily  on  the  hand  wants  adventure and  passion like in the erotic  novels she reads and  is  all for  becoming  the  earls  mistress.

The good.  it was interesting  story  line  with a  very  damaged hero, who  basically  fought himself and his  past  to  be with the  girl who wouldn’t  give up on him.

The not  so good.  This  book picks up basically in the  first one, toward the  end so if  you haven’t  read  Luck is no lady then  you are  going to be slightly confused.  I  found that  annoying.  I also  didn’t like how  the  Earl  wanted Lily  to only calling him  “my lord”  like  really  buddy?  keeping it cold and  causal not  sexy. Also this book came off very tense for me  and  I was hoping for more a   sexy  feel. I didn’t  get it.

Sadly this book for ally my high hopes  fell  flat  for me. But never  fear  there are somethings  you might like!

Virgin hero, oh yes  that’s  right our  hero was a virgin  which I  was like  “oh, hell yes!”  I loved it!   Damaged hero!  don’t  we all just love man  who  damaged and  broken  in some way? Like Boy  I am going to  fix you!   The  Earl not only has a physical  affliction  but he  also has the  unloved/unwanted  son  thing  going  because of it. So he  basically  feels  worthless  (naturally  Lily  fixes that)

Bondage! He doesn’t like to  be  touched  right? so what happens  when  our heronie  can’t  control herself  and touches him after he told  her not to? he  ties her hands up of course.  it was a very nice and very  surprising  twist.

Before I  wrap this  up  let me just  the  cover  is  amazing!  Sexy and  just all around  hot.  I gave the  book 3  stars on  good reads but  sadly it  did  fall short  I  didn’t  feel for either  character and   was thrown off  by the interlocking story line. Also I love a  good  broody man and  hero  but  really  The  earl  was  bit of  an asshole at times, which made me almost  put  the book down.


This on sale on amazon for for $1.25.



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