Book Boyfriend Guide


What is  a  Book Boyfriend  you might  ask?    This  term  is  used  to   describe  a  hero  that   we  absolutely  love   beyond  anything,  A  Book  Boyfriend  is not  just  a hero who  is  witty, scandalous  and  charming… okay  yes   he  is  those things  but he  also much more.  He  strikes  accord  with  us  deep down     So  what makes a  good  book  Boyfriend?   Never  fear!  I have  complied   a list of  qualities   that  I  find a  Book Boyfriend  should have  (please  adjust  accordingly  for  your  own  preferences)

A Book Boyfriend :

  • Must  be devastatingly  handsome
  • Must be  able  to make a  girl  swoon by just  being  the room
  •  Funny
  • Charming
  • Naughty…. Very  naughty
  • Must love  animals
  • Is  a  Duke…..Okay, okay  he  doesn’t have to be a  Duke but  it helps  and I  do  so love a good naughty Duke
  •  Talks  Dirty –  I don’t  care  what  if it’s out  right  dirtiness or little  innuendos  if  he can make  it  sound  Dirty  then I am all here for  him.
  • very  sweet  at his core
  • May or may not  be  damaged –  this  can  be   plus  in a  book  boyfriend  for  long term purposes,  there  is nothing  better  then  a  hero  who’s  pain  can  break  your  heart  only to see him  have a  HEA
  • May or  may not  be  an  Alpha –  this   basically  explains  itself, in  that  I love  when  a  hero  can  take  charge  and outright  say  what he wants  or  is  slightly  domineering  or  even  dominant.

I  apply this  list  to almost  all the  romances  I  read including  erotic  ones  when   considering  a book  boyfriend.